How to prepare for SNAP GK

About SNAP GK  SNAP has undergone a slight change in terms of the questions that they used to test the students on. SNAP has revamped and changed the name of GK section to ‘Current Affairs of last 2 years’. (At least now we know what to study). The GK Section in SNAP is of 30 marks out of a total of 150 […]

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mba admissions in india

The role of Government & B-Schools in improving the MBA Education

In the light of movement of India from an agricultural economy to a knowledge economy, there has been a dramatic growth in the importance of MBA education in the country. This is evident in the ever-increasing number of B schools in the country, which touched 5500 in the year 2015-2016. According to a report by the Indian Express, the number […]

How to Crack SNAP Exam with 3 Months Remaining

One of the most well-known proverbs of all times that has inspired not only the boomers but also the millennials. It puts down clearly that no matter how difficult a situation might be if we have the will and perseverance built within, we can surely beat the odds. SNAP is no exception! The question is how to prepare for SNAP […]

How to crack SNAP in 3 months

Interview Etiquettes for MBA Admissions

Interview Etiquettes for MBA Admissions

  Interview season starts even before the season for entrances comes to a halt. How to prepare for an MBA interview and how to crack the most crucial part of the admission process? It is definitely not a cake walk but can surely turn out to be more than just a series of questions and answers if one follows these […]

The Dilemma of Quitting the Job to crack the CAT

  Unless there is an alien in the crowd, we all seek to secure good placements after completing our degrees and look forward to earning a hefty amount per month. After going through the tedious process of GDs and interviews, when one finally lands up with a good, respectable job, a new goal of getting into a good B-School takes […]

Should I quit my job for CAT

Time Management for CAT exam

Time Management For MBA Aspirants

The clock ticks, time struts and days, months and years roll by. While we are still busy struggling our way out of the bog, time turns and paves way for us to tread on the reality of entrance exams.  But as it is always said “Time is the one thing we never have enough”, it is this aspect of the […]

IIFT Surrendered. Dates Changed- Yay!!

When MBA aspirants roar, colleges listen. IIFT has changed the Exam dates. 3rd Dec 2017 it is.  IIFT 2017 New Dates Last date to fill the Online Application Form : Friday, 15th September 2017 Last date for Request for Test Centre Change (Centre Change Fee :  1000.00) : Friday, 3rd November 2017 Downloading of Admit Card : Wednesday, 15th November 2017 Written Test : […]

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Everything IIMs announced about CAT 2017 and MBA 2017-19

With so much happening around related to CAT and MBA this year, we thought of detailing down the MBA news for its 2 lakhs aspirants Take a look at the latest announcements related to your CAT 2017 and MBA 2017-19.   30th July 2017 Dates are out and I haven’t started my preparation- IIM L releases CAT 2017 dates | 26th […]

SMS Marketing can be more than mere Shouty Capitals

It has been predicted that by year 2020, 90% of the world population will have a mobile phone. Mobile internet usage is taking over the usual desktop, already more searches are done via mobile device. It is used as an effective marketing tool given that 8.6 Trillion text messages are sent every year on average. And when it comes to […]



Leveraging the power of YouTube to attract MBA aspirants

  Most of the B-schools in spite of heavily investing in their marketing techniques, tend to miss out on the most important one that is Youtube. It is a pity as Youtube is one of the largest and most active social community there is. India is one of the leading countries which have maximum active users on Youtube, state the […]

How to use Blogging to attract Prospective Students 1

  Colleges across the globe are privy to the benefits of having a blog. Many B-schools at some point or the other had ventured to maintain a blog that went into disuse and are now looking for ways to revive it. The rest are still skeptical for they do wish to drive the MBA applicants’ traffic but do not know […]



Use Email Automation to Shoot Up the level of Student Interaction

    Reaching out to students through email marketing can not be of help if you do not reach out to the right applicant. Imagine selling a blender to a kid and a playstation to a chef. Now, communication can be made right by getting in touch with the right person with the right information. Now to do this without […]

Increase the Inbound Calls for College Admissions

In a recent survey by DM News, 46% of the businessmen surveyed stated  that a “lack of an effective strategy” was the biggest obstacle in achieving  their inbound marketing goals. The objective of creating a successful inbound marketing strategy is to identify your audience, set your goals and create your tactical plan. Establish the aspirant’s journey so once you acquire […]



Reach out to Student Applicants in a Better way: Give Email Marketing a Personalised touch 1

  According to Microsoft, the average email user has an inbox made up of about 50% newsletters and 20% social network updates.  With tonnes of emails, most of them uncalled for, the surge of technical awareness and usage is clearly backfiring at us now. When it comes to colleges, students expect their interactions to be dynamic and personally relevant. This […]

How to interact with MBA Aspirants over calls 1

  Explore the 1st phase of the calling methodology to reach out MBA aspirants in the previous article, INCREASE THE STUDENT APPLICATION COUNT VIA TELEPHONE CALLS: PRE CALL TACTICS   Once you start reaching out to students, you need to prepare psychologically. Conversation becomes way smooth when you are in a position to assess the behaviour of the aspirant. Here […]



What can Indian Universities learn from Foreign Universities?

  The era of College Admission Marketing through posters, brochures and side banners website advertising is off the shelves. Technology has delved deep in every sphere and the education sector has been no exception to it. Understanding how technology has changed the business of education makes an interesting study. Technology, Marketing and Education are the topics we are going to […]

7 International Business Schools whose Teaching methods can beat HOGWARTS at being practical

1. HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL   HBS uses the Case Study Method to impart education. Students are presented with cases, more than half of which have an international focus. They play the role of the decision maker and perform a thorough analysis of the situation—examining the causes and considering alternative courses of actions to come to a set of recommendations. Over […]



Innovative teaching pedagogy that make these business schools the best in India

1.  IIM AHMEDABAD   The two-year full-time Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), rated as the toughest MBA programme in the world to get admission, is the flagship programme of IIMA. The types of Courses it offers are as follows:   i)  Regular Course: This helps a student to learn tools, techniques, skills and concepts primarily through class discussions. ii) Seminar […]

Increase the Student Application Count via Telephone Calls: Pre-call tactics 1

  There exist 4000 Indian B-Schools targeting 6,00,000 MBA aspirants every year. In such a competitive scenario, having a well equipped marketing plan is a must. However convenient it may seem, reaching out to prospective applicants for admission over telephonic calls has never been easy. According a report by the Inside Sales , 2007 it takes 3.68 cold calls to […]

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Indian Business Women

The Journey of an Indian Business Women 1

Gone are the days when women were considered as mere assets to be traded when they were of age. Today a modern woman doesn’t consider herself ‘of age’ until she is financially independent. Women were 47.3% of the total labor force in 2016 compared to 37.1% in 1976(report from the Catalyst). In the process, comes the scenario of attaining an […]

Tips and Tricks to Nail Your B-School Interviews

An interview is a conversation in the form of questions and answers. In common parlance, the word “interview” refers to a one-on-one conversation with one person or a panel of 2-3 people acting in the role of the interviewer and the other in the role of the interviewee. Personal Interview (PI) is generally the last among key components of the […]



Group Discussions and How to Ace Them For CAT, MBA

Group Discussion is a group activity in which, people with similar interest or motive come together and present their own viewpoint, and later on, the group comes to a conclusion and takes action accordingly.  It is used as one of the best criteria to select the prospective candidates in a comparative perspective. GD may be used by an interviewer at […]

Success Story: Imagined, Believed, and now Achieved 1

How Admito solved Rohit’s query of minimum eligibility criteria of MICA by providing him recently changed criteria and hence he applied at his dream college after ensuring his eligibility.  It was just a normal day for others, but the tension in Rohit’s head was increasing with each passing moment. Having scored a little less than 60% in 12th, he was […]

Success Story Rohit Saini Admito

crack gd for-b-school admito

Wanna Crack a B-school GD?

We all lead busy lives everyday. We run against time to pursue our objectives and our goals every time. We heat up our system and will get stressed in this process. But, A chat with all of our friends/family will take some steam off. What is more exciting than a lively discussion with them over a nice lunch/snacks? The topics […]

Things no one will tell you before you take Finance as your specialization 2

MBA (Finance) – is it your cup of tea? If you are wondering whether to pursue a finance specialization in MBA, what are the career options available, how to crack interview of your dream B-school, continue reading to get more insights and make an informed decision before you jump into something called a B-school experience? Also, with this write-up, the […]


mba in economics_imtghaziabad_admito

Role and Relevance of Economics in MBA by Prof V.J Sebastian

  Introduction This article aims to examine the role and relevance of economics as a subject of study in management education. It also examines the career choices in Economics vis-a-vis MBA. Hopefully, it would help both MBA aspirants as well as the current students to appreciate better, this important subject.   Economics or MBA? There are no two opinions about […]

The Good, The Bad And The CAT: CAT 2016 Analysis by CATKing 1

CAT 2016 has seen the highest number of registrations in the past 7 years. With a happy sign: number of female candidates rising up as compared to the last year. CAT 16 tested students on Speed, Logic and Analytical skills, Though Number of students increased this time to 2.3 Lakhs, a sincere student with well-rounded preparation across three sections would make […]


prepare for cat in 30 days

Wanna Crack CAT in 30 days?

  Time and Tide waits for none  This quote will play in a loop for all the CAT aspirants. With around 30 days left for the D-Day, Time plays a crucial part not only in the exam but also before it. Preparing until now is like building an army with resources plenty and situation not demanding much. But as the […]

How CAT’16 would look like?

Brace Yourselves,“CAT IS COMING” CAT, MBA aspirants favorite exam is less than two months away. Some students started writing mocks, Some started revising the topics and some others just started preparation. The tension is being increasing day by day like layers of leaves on the ground in Autumn(OK, maybe a bad comparison). Like a David about to face Goliath, students […]



How are you filling your forms?

  You all are  MBA aspirants who are great at managing their time and effort in planning for their respective entrance exams. While doing this, you completely forget about the importance of application form they need to fill for entering a B-school. Failing to grasp the obvious pertinence of it can land you into unexpected dangers. So, we wanted to […]

Ready to answer- Why ‘Operations’ is the field for you?

What is Supply Chain Management/Operations Management? Supply-chain management is the “design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance globally.” SCM practice draws heavily from the areas of industrial engineering, systems engineering, operations management, logistics, procurement, and information technology, and strives for an […]



Human Resource Management- ‘A Close Observation’ 1

Why do you want to take up HR as your specialization?” the interviewer asked. “Because I enjoy being with people” I answered naively a few years back. If you are one of those who has a similar answer in mind, firstly you are wrong, secondly, this post is for you. It is time for you to act in a sensible manner […]

5 things to know about Marketing before your Interview 1

The next time you think of saying that you are really interested in Marketing, keep a check on these 5 magic points which would save you from the yet-to-happen unexpected grilling. Knowing about MBA as a specialization requires you to: 1) Brief about the specialization 2) Things I need to know about the specialization before making my decision 3) What […]

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CAT Shorts’16_51 days left

Preparation Strategy Strategize for Your Dream 99.99 Percentile Going well with the preconceived notions won’t help you ace on CAT. You might need to be a tough manager and scrutinize well in advance of your next moves. For the last few days, a check on Read more Indian Express I Shalini Rajvanshi Mathemagical Shortcuts for CAT’16 1/1 + 1/2 + […]

What B-schools look for in Candidates?

The article was originally published at Top MBA and is written by Mr. Ananda Mohan De, Mentor at Admito As the second-most populous country in the world and the seventh-largest nation globally in terms of geographic area, India clearly has a lot to offer to the world in the field of management. This is truer now than ever because India has […]

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How to select a MBA college

Coffee with Ravi Handa before CAT’16 1

In an interview with Mr, Ravi Handa, the Co-Founder of renowned CAT preparation websites, Handa Ka “A Lot Can Happen Over a Cup Of Coffee” especially if you get a chance to enjoy it with Handa Sir. About Ravi Handa Ravi Handa has taught thousands of students online / offline for CAT & other MBA Entrance Exams. He has […]

How to score 99%ile in Verbal Ability 1

How to score a 99 percentile in Verbal Ability   “The problem is in the search of a magic formula for 99 percentile. I would tell them, having a wider perspective on what CAT checks, would rather help!” About the Podcast:It is for those who are aspiring to crack Verbal Ability section. It focuses on how one aims for 100% accuracy […]

How to score 99 percentile in Verbal Ability

how to improve vocabulary for XAT 2016

How to prepare for Vocabulary for CAT,XAT,IIFT 2017? 4

Vocabulary Building Tips and Tricks Though you don’t find many vocabulary questions in CAT, still they form a major part of your Verbal Ability preparation. If you are just not aiming CAT and are planning for other exams, say, XAT or IIFT or SNAP, then chances are you would come across such direct Vocab questions. Now, the interesting point over […]

Mock CAT analysis led to 92.3 percentile in VA 8

No of Mock Cats * Analysis =  Better Cat Percentile Yes, such is the equation. I am sure by this time, you are working on the “Number of Mock CAT” variable by your own and leaving no stone unturned in augmenting it. But unluckily get stuck on the analysis part to aim for a higher CAT percentile. No worries- I’ll […]

How to analyse a mock CAT


A letter to CAT Aspirants 2

A letter to CAT Aspirants Dear CAT aspirants! I am sure each one of you is having a tough time, struggling for working on CAT strategies or keeping a check on your peer’s mock scores which would again be upsetting you more. Not to forget the IIMs’ releasing the CAT notification, would be like a turning point in your chilled […]

What candidates look for in a B-school? 1

THE GREAT INDIAN RAT RACE FOR MBA ADMISSIONS Part 2: What candidates look for in a  B-school? With the augmenting tendency of Indian students to decide on pursuing a management program, has not only boosted the Indian Education Sector but has brought with it an urge among the B-schools to top the charts. 4000 of B-schools against 6,00,000 aspirants signifies […]

the interesting relationship (7)

relationship between cat percentile and mock score

An interesting relationship between CAT Percentile and Mock Scores

CAT has become a very competitive exam off late with more than 2 lakh applicants applying for the exam every year. One of the best ways to practice for the exam is to take simulated mocks which are in the same pattern as the actual exam. There are many advantages of taking mocks as we will see in the blog below. There are […]

Meet the Chacha Chaudhary of CAT 3

“It is good to have an end to a journey, but it is the journey that matters in the end”   Indeed it does, what stays with us till the end are the leftovers of our experiences- good or bad, our struggles and our ways of dealing with them. Such is the journey of an MBA Aspirant where he counts […]

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Planning for an MBA 2

Explore the 1st phase of MBA Journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about MBA planning.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely. “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”- A plan not only reflects how rightly you have thought to proceed but also what direct and indirect consequences of unexpected […]

Preparing for CAT 1

Explore the 2nd phase of MBA Journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about CAT preparation.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely. Preparation doesn’t just focus on CAT/XAT and so on. It simply means get fit to fight to strive till the end. Preparation mode is the onset of the […]

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Applying to MBA Colleges 4

Explore the 3rd  phase of MBA journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about Applying for MBA Colleges.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely. I personally have seen students committing a blunder as to while choosing their options in order to arrive at their final decision for choosing their B-schools. Many […]

Selecting the Right MBA College 3

Explore the 4th phase of MBA Journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about choosing the perfect B-School.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely. ‘As the B-school so would be the quality of your MBA.  Pick the B-school that would best ensemble your goals.’  A guide to your dream B-school […]

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DMS IIT R Admissions_Admito 1

DMS-IIT Roorkee Admissions 2017-2019

DMS_IITR, Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology,  is one of the premier colleges for MBA. MBA – Masters in Business Administration is offered in various shapes and sizes. PGDM – Post Graduate Diploma in Management, PGDBM – Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, MBA – Masters in Business Administration. This college offers management course in the city of […]