5 things to know about Marketing before your Interview

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The next time you think of saying that you are really interested in Marketing, keep a check on these 5 magic points which would save you from the yet-to-happen unexpected grilling.

Knowing about MBA as a specialization requires you to:

1) Brief about the specialization

2) Things I need to know about the specialization before making my decision

3) What types of career are available after MBA in this specialization

4) During PI, it is asked, “Why this college for specialization”. How to answer such questions?

5) The majority of the students finds it hard to justify the reason, to take the particular specialization through the activities done in the past either in college or job. How should one go about justifying it?


Marketing is defined as “the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires”

This is a definition prescribed by Dr. Philip Kotler, the unscathed marketing guru. But this definition seems a bit bland, considering what we know and have seen about marketing/advertising. What we can do is, we can try to decipher the definition provided to us piece by piece through our own eyes of the world.

A True Marketeer

the Ads and the posters seem to be the first neural reaction as we think about marketing. And it is absolutely a bang on target. A true marketer always has some or the other relation with these objects. But as one may know, companies work for profit, which is increased as one decreases the cost. Now, these ads and posters have a cost associated with them to produce them. Thus we would want to produce the minimum of them and would want the maximum of “our consumers” to see them. We can define “our consumers” as people who will be willing to buy from us. This means that a marketeer can live with the fact that only a few selected people (read as our consumers) have seen the ad and not everyone in the entire world has. It would certainly reduce costs and still serve the purpose. Also, the ads and posters should be such that they describe the offerings of a company in the most appealing way. So, in conclusion, marketing is the art of selecting our consumers, targeting them with info (ads/posters and whatnot!), making the info as appealing as possible and creating the whole process as cost effective as possible.

Then what would be a job of a marketeer?

Roles and Responsibilities

Simply put, he/she will have to perform all the functions described in the process above. A marketeer should be able to find “our consumers” through market research, common sense. It is done by deriving meaning out of the needs, wants and desires of all the people and then selecting the ones which match with the company’s offering. Then, a major task of a marketeer is designing the info. It entails a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking since boring and old fashioned methods yield low results. Then again, the info needs to be appealing, which is difficult as the ad or the poster or the pamphlet should be designed on the basis of consumer’s mindset and not with a marketeer. This again needs research and a lot of common sense and analytics. Also, to create this whole process in a cost effective way, one needs to be apt in financials and should be able to drive revenue out of every rupee burnt in marketing. So, in conclusion, a marketeer should be creative, financially sound, researcher and seeker, thinker, sensible and most of all energetic and passionate.

Career Options

A budding marketeer can think of these roles as too many on his/her plate and there is no harm in admitting it. Big companies divide the work roles as a specialized function to different teams or individuals. These roles are generally classified as market research, consumer relationship, creative department, budgeting, marketing analytics, project management and similar. The names differ from company to company, but one can get a fair amount of idea through the thought process described in the paragraph above. Responsibilities revolve around creating a solid marketing campaign with the team and doing so in the most cost-effective way. This doesn’t mean that one should know about his/her specialized function in marketing. To drive a successful marketing campaign forward, one needs to know the whole process of marketing.

Assertive on ‘Why our College for Marketing?’

For someone who is looking to do an MBA in marketing, it would then require him to think hard about his capabilities and preferences. It is a very engaging job and one should be prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. One of the big questions, that is, asked in an interview for MBA admissions is on the similar line of thought too, “Why this specialization?”  or “Why our college?”. Pondering on points discussed above will make one clear about how to engage in answering such questions. You need to be genuine and upfront about your choices in life that how you think that your past role has required you to work in a team involving creativity and reasoning. One can also talk about how different companies employ different marketing campaigns and they would like to be a part of the process as it intrigues them. One can give umpteen number of answers and all of them are right as long as you are able to connect to two or more attribute of marketing to your past or your future as you see it.

Justifying yourself

Justifying these statements become hard. Especially when you are trying to evaluate on why this specialization in this particular college. It wouldn’t hurt to do a little background research on the college that you are thinking about. If they have won any awards in the field or has any of the students have done exceedingly well. Throwing in one of these points in the conversation would mean that you have done your research, are passionate about the role and can take initiative. Simply speaking, you would be demonstrating the value of a bright student and a great marketeer in the making. If one would notice, while in an interview, it is about finding the connection. Find a genuine connect between what you want to do, what the college is offering and what you have done. Only highlight these points and don’t waiver on any other topic even if you have good points on the topic. You need to show your best in just 10-20 minutes and hit the target. It is not about boasting about yourself in the interview, it is about getting through and cracking it.

Final Words

Although it is exciting to learn about marketing and how companies all over the world are going about it, one should always keep in mind that a company has other departments as well. Everyone works to make a profit making company. Marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but surely it is a tempting one.


This article is written by Sahil Garg. He is an IMT Ghaziabad graduate with interests in psychology and spirituality. He believes in the goodness of others and loves traveling as a sport of exploring the world outside as well as inside. He writes likes he talks and he talks too much. You can connect with him through facebook via @sahilathome

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