6 reasons why you should do an MBA

Students often come across this question in a B-School interview: Why MBA? Reasons may vary from person to person but here we present to you few reasons that should really attract an aspirant to do MBA

1. Analytical and pragmatic thinking
This is definitely one of the many skills acquired in a B-school. Solving various business cases and real time problems develop an analytical mindset and newer ways to solve the problems.


2. Communication and connectivity
MBA brings together people from various backgrounds, interests and mindsets. Interacting with them increases connectivity. Communication is another aspect that student builds upon as he undergoes various presentations and personality development programs


3. Ticket to CXOs table
Well, MBA definitely leads to faster growth in the corporate world and high pay packages. It provides various opportunities to handle bigger roles and teams as managers and finally climbing up to be future CXO’s.


4. Newer dimensions and opportunities

MBA doesn’t produce future managers in corporate houses but also prominent writers, delegates, politicians, teachers and entrepreneurs. Thus, it is a gateway to hundreds of different opportunities waiting at your doorstep


5. Exchange programs
This is another dimension of MBA. Student exchange program is one of the other major attractions in MBA degree. It allows a student to experience the culture, study environment and life of another college abroad which is a partner college to the home institute.



6. Crazy nightlife with loads of fun
MBA is a two-year grilling degree with endless assignments, group projects and exams. Students work round the clock to complete their tasks and learn to adapt to all the world clocks. But this life is in itself fun filled with a lot of parties and nightlife in hostels.

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