How CAT’16 would look like?


Brace Yourselves,“CAT IS COMING”

CAT, MBA aspirants favorite exam is less than two months away. Some students started writing mocks, Some started revising the topics and some others just started preparation. The tension is being increasing day by day like layers of leaves on the ground in Autumn(OK, maybe a bad comparison). Like a David about to face Goliath, students are empowering themselves in every way possible be it be mocks, podcasts, blogs, books etc. to be successful in the Battle of the year.

But what we need most right now is the probable Pattern of CAT. Keeping a track of the pattern will give you an edge in studying smart and lets you ace the exam. Because as George RR Martin wrote, “ Knowledge is a weapon, Jon. Arm yourself well before you ride forth to Battle”.


Expect the Unexpected


CAT does not follow a strict pattern. It is known for its pattern changing behavior now and then. Even though knowing the most probable Pattern will place you in the safe zone, sometimes it will not be as we expected. While Pattern change is not expected this year by many analysts, stay safe by covering each and every topic and going through all the models of questions.




We all know that IIMB will conduct this year and IIMB is known for its different academic rigour, so the difficulty may be up a notch. Also, many are believing that as the pattern is hugely changed last year, there may be no change in the pattern this year. This news is soothing for us CAT aspirants.


Now, let us look at the expected Pattern


Aspect Description
Test Duration 3 hours
Number of sections 3
Section duration 1 hour
Number of questions 100
Marks +3 for correct answer and -1 for the wrong answer


The section division will be similar to that of Last year’s CAT


  1. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
  2. Data Interpretation and logical reasoning
  3. Quantitative aptitude


Number of questions in each section 


While the number of questions is not known, we can expect the number of questions for each section last year as the probable number.


  • Verbal and RC – 34
  • DI & LR – 32
  • Quantitative – 34


Non-MCQs – Like last year, there is a probability of the similar number of Non-MCQs. These questions will not have any choices but instead, feature a blank


IIM B – what is possible?


The interesting fact is that IIMB has not conducted CAT after it changed its form into an online exam. So, there may be a different pattern. Here are some possible things that may happen this year.


  1. Maybe no subjective questions – As they created a lot of confusion last year
  1. Difficulty may be high – Yes, the difficulty may be high as many are believing that IIMB will reduce the number of questions thus demanding Quality questions for balance
  2. Less Time? – The duration of the exam may be shortened to cope with the less number of questions and thus demands fast solvability.
  3. Sectional Difficulty – IIMB is known for its focus on Verbal ability. So, this section’s difficult may be increased and thus making DI & LR section relatively easier.


Note: These possibilities are just the expected changes but are not the exact modifications. So, if you find the above-mentioned points and facts disheartening, just remember, CAT score is percentile and the exam is same for all the students and we all are on a leveled battlefield. 


Please prepare for the worst case scenario and go through every possible model and pattern. Do more mocks and practice previous years question papers.


 All the Very Best!

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