An interesting relationship between CAT Percentile and Mock Scores

relationship between cat percentile and mock score

CAT has become a very competitive exam off late with more than 2 lakh applicants applying for the exam every year. One of the best ways to practice for the exam is to take simulated mocks which are in the same pattern as the actual exam. There are many advantages of taking mocks as we will see in the blog below. There are some points to note about the scores in the mocks and their relation to the scores in CAT

Mock Dilemma

Many students are skeptical about mocks. They avoid attempting mocks especially in the later stages of their preparation just to a prevent discouragement from poor mock scores. Also, many of them don’t trust the percentiles in mocks to be reflective of their actual CAT scores.

They need to realize that in the months just before CAT, only serious candidates retain the energy levels to attempt CAT. So, with just a few hardworking students attempting the mocks, the percentiles of average students go down. So, percentiles in the mocks taken in November are not reflective of the actual exam percentile.

Mocks are also not just a measure of the candidate’s CAT skills but they actually have an effect on the CAT percentile. Taking more mocks certainly has a positive influence on the actual CAT score.

Advantage.. Mocks

Just attempting mocks doesn’t help a lot. One has to analyze the detailed solutions for each and every question, compare them with the answers and try to understand solutions done in different ways. Also many mock series provide analysis of strong and weak areas. That helps in understanding which areas need more focus and which areas need more practice.
Mocks also help in improving time management skills. A calm mind during the exam is half the battle won. There is an element of surprise in every CAT exam but there is an element of familiarity too. Mocks help prepare for both these scenarios.

Mock Score versus CAT Percentile

But how accurate are the percentile scores obtained in mock CATs? Are they reflective of the performance of the candidate in the actual exam, provided they perform at the same level?
In general, only 1% of the CAT aspirants take more than 5 mock CATs before appearing for the exam. So, it is fair to assume that only serious candidates take mock CATs and the percentile you secure in the actual exam tends to be much higher


We start with 55%ile candidates because people who score 0 marks get 55%ile in CAT.
So, if a candidate has the enthusiasm to take mock tests, they would have enough enthusiasm to just sit in the exam hall and score 55 percentile. Below is the approximate percentiles expected for an average of five CAT mocks.


Other Mocks

Attempting mocks from many websites is a good idea as the candidate gets to prepare from a variety of resources. Cracku uses a 3 point check before it releases the mocks to ensure the mocks are very close to the actual exam ­ Preparation, Visual Inspection, and Timed Attempt.


Its mocks are also fairly priced since they want students to attempt the mocks and realize the quality. Not all companies have such systems in place. So, students are advised to thoroughly assess the mocks before they subscribe to them.

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● Students are advised to take as many mocks as possible especially before the exam.
● Mocks help understand strengths and weaknesses so the students can practice accordingly.
● They also help in time management
● Percentiles in mocks are always less than the actual percentile for the student, though the
difference decreases as the percentile increases.
● The percentiles in mocks in June/July are possibly inaccurate as students are still in the process of
preparing for CAT.
● The percentiles in the mocks in November/December also might be inaccurate as well as it is not
reflective of the student base that appears for CAT.
● Cracku uses a 3 point check before it releases mocks. Hence, they are very close to the actual

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