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MBA Admission PlanningExplore the 3rd  phase of MBA journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about Applying for MBA Colleges.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely.

I personally have seen students committing a blunder as to while choosing their options in order to arrive at their final decision for choosing their B-schools. Many here in this stage fall prey to the herd mentality and poor decision-making skills to follow a path that has the imprints of many. But a manager never has to do that. This is what I feel one must do to act like one in his every decision pertaining this stage


Apply to MBA colleges

  • Apply for a minimum of 4 B-schools.

On the basis of an analysis of your profile and eligibility criteria as listed by various B-schools, shortlist the 4 B-schools you would want to apply for. Check for in advance the selection criteria of those B-schools. Your Mock Cat scores are also a good source of reference to help you with your decision

  • Create a bucket of your own dream, perfect and backup B-schools.

Categorize your choice of b-schools into the dream, perfect and backup b-schools. Dream B-schools are those you aspire the most and would definitely apply for. Whereas perfect B-schools are the ones that match your aspirations and the certain factors you had in your mind at the planning stage. Backups are what you might plan to go for if you, by some chance, are unable to make it to your dream, perfect B-schools. A mere classification would help to bring much clarity in your perception and would help to target them accordingly.

  • Try to grab some professional references.

A pool of networks can at best be of the utmost help to you while deciding on your B-schools.Try building networks with the alumni of your dream B-schools to know a B-school better. Alumni can bring in the information relating a b-school that none of the sources could promise.

  • Stay updated and open for notifications regarding the due dates.

Keep an eye on the alerts relating last dates and other notifications. Be well informed of the MBA deadlines and alerts.

  • Do visit the campus before you decide on the choices.

Support your final decision by a quick and a final visit to your B-school’s campus so that you are clear in the mind of the place where you plan to do your MBA from. This further refines your list of colleges and helps you select the best MBA college.

Do keep in mind that you don’t follow these

  • Don’t apply for more than 6 B-schools.
  • Don’t pick a reference you can hardly recognize you just for his/her brand name.
  • Don’t wait until the last day to submit your application.

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About Ravi Handa: 
Ravi Handa, the founder of Handa Ka Funda, has been helping students with CAT and various other exams for the past decade. You can have a look at his online CAT course here.

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