Buzz Words for cracking a B-school Interview!

The Buzzwords for your Interview 

Whenever you apply for a job or sit for an interview there are always few words around which your fate revolves. These few words must then be chosen with utter care. Bloomberg report tries to see it through Texito’s tool which analyzes resumes world over. MBA is a global degree and so let us try and push our envelope in a similar manner. There are some words which have lost their shine and there are some which are shining more brightly than others.

cracking a B-school Interview!

The Shiners

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Try to include this word in your company description, work experience or an online seminar you attended.
  2. Real time data – New. Speak about it. Read about it. MBA recruiters love buzzwords.
  3. High availability – never goes down. Say you have developed/worked on a services/software/product in making it highly available/accessible instead of just developed/worked.
  4. Robust and scalable – Instead of powerful and strong. Use like: worked to deliver robust and scalable service/product to the consumer.

The Non-Shiners

  1. Big Data – Saturation level bro! Talk AI – Artificial intelligence
  2. Virtual team – Regarded as telecommuting. Bad right!
  3. Troubleshooting – Don’t portray yourself as a fixer. Say I improved or initiated.
  4. Subject matter expert – This is ideal. Rise above ideal. Be full stack engineers.



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