Careful Considerations when selecting a B-school

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 Select a college which suits you the best

Students represent the building block of a society. They choose to be scholars by learning in an institutionalized environment. There are premium choices available for our ecosystem ranging from IIT’s in engineering to IIM’s in management. Soliciting these choices can make or break a student’s career.

This college selection for a student is a cyclic process involving three major steps, soliciting information, discussing and finally personally deciding. There are some offline parties counseling a student through these rocky steps but they are generally localized or unreachable. Online presence of discussion forums and college aggregators provide a lot of information but are either paid or skewed. And there is no one to understand us and help in your decision making.


Admito for MBA  College Selection

A student’s true friend helps him along through all these steps with no bias. This is what college selection process misses, a friend. Cheerfully, the presence of intelligent companion with permanent availability happens to be around in the form of Admito. It works unrelentingly to convert the girth of data into an actionable output of college selection. Admito doesn’t just give you information, it also counsels you unprejudiced. Every student is unique and each one has a different personality. So is the case with colleges and institutes. There should be a perfect match between the two so as to provide perfect conditions to grow and learn. This predicament is brilliantly taken care by the intuitive algorithm that Admito has adopted. There are constraints for each student to commit to a college like his boundaries on location, fees, placement etc. A college with best future prospects might be unappealing to some due to its far away location or its high fee. Admito smoothly implements these scenarios to assist a student in the best possible way.

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The story of positive contribution to the student’s life continues with the sublime interface and no ads, no-frills approach by It lets you match between colleges on more than 25 parameters, an approach mastered and pioneered by this intelligent friend. Admito does more than telling a student about the college, it communicates and interacts with them personally to guide them as his confidant. Surely, the self-funded idea flows seamlessly through a scholar’s heart.

There was definitely a need for neutral information and personalized touch in this sensitive and important market. Admito thus strives to work for students, by the students, and of students. This is accepted by already growing friendship circle of this fabulous site.


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