CAT Shorts’16_51 days left

CAT 2016

Preparation Strategy

Strategize for Your Dream 99.99 Percentile

Going well with the preconceived notions won’t help you ace on CAT. You might need to be a tough manager and scrutinize well in advance of your next moves. For the last few days, a check on Read more
Indian Express I Shalini Rajvanshi

Mathemagical Shortcuts for CAT’16

1/1 + 1/2 + 1/3 …. + 1/x = ?
Engineers can just integrate 1/x from 1 to x but Read more
InsideIIM I iQuanta Ceo, Indrajeet Singh

50 Days Plan for Woking Professionals

Are you on a sabbatical for CAT’16? A working professional is worst hit from both the circumstances of what happens on his daily 9 to 5 and what the devil CAT has in store for him. If you don’t plan to take a sabbatical from your job, I will tell you this Read More
Word Pandit I 50 Day Plan

Solving Strategy

Can you solve this mind-boggling LR 1-minute puzzle?

Focusing on VA and Quants might distract you from solving tough questions of LR! Take the Challenge
Word Pandit I Puzzle 49

Selection Strategy

What’s your score v/s What IIM A/B/C and others consider?

After the IIM A selection criteria got out, there are few calculations I did regarding the percentiles to get there. IIM Ahmedabad: General Engineer M/F if 10,12> 90 and Grad > 85 it requires, around 99.5x Read More
InsideIIM I iQuanta Ceo, Indrajeet Singh

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IIM A guy on Top IIMS selection Process

IIM’s selection process has always been skeptical. I have done an analysis on the top IIMs namely of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta. Rest follow a similar pattern for the selection! Read More
Quora I Aviral Bhatnagar, IIM-Ahmedabad

Application Strategy

Ravi Handa on the Mistakes MBA aspirants commit before CAT’16

I will share my experience of the two cliche mistakes that every aspirant knowingly or unknowingly makes. First Mistake: I will take the reference of MDI Gurgaon Read more
Admito I Ravi Handa, Co-founder of HandaKaFunda

CMAT 17- Are you applying?

The notification for CMAT17 is out! If you plan for the same, here is all you need to know before you fill its application form Read more
Careers360 I Urvashi Dalal

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