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SMS Marketing can be more than mere Shouty Capitals

It has been predicted that by year 2020, 90% of the world population will have a mobile phone. Mobile internet usage is taking over the usual desktop, already more searches are done via mobile device. It is used as an effective marketing tool given that 8.6 Trillion text messages are sent every year on average. And when it comes to […]



Use Email Automation to Shoot Up the level of Student Interaction

    Reaching out to students through email marketing can not be of help if you do not reach out to the right applicant. Imagine selling a blender to a kid and a playstation to a chef. Now, communication can be made right by getting in touch with the right person with the right information. Now to do this without […]

Increase the Inbound Calls for College Admissions

In a recent survey by DM News, 46% of the businessmen surveyed stated  that a “lack of an effective strategy” was the biggest obstacle in achieving  their inbound marketing goals. The objective of creating a successful inbound marketing strategy is to identify your audience, set your goals and create your tactical plan. Establish the aspirant’s journey so once you acquire […]



Reach out to Student Applicants in a Better way: Give Email Marketing a Personalised touch 1

  According to Microsoft, the average email user has an inbox made up of about 50% newsletters and 20% social network updates.  With tonnes of emails, most of them uncalled for, the surge of technical awareness and usage is clearly backfiring at us now. When it comes to colleges, students expect their interactions to be dynamic and personally relevant. This […]

Increase the Student Application Count via Telephone Calls: Pre-call tactics 1

  There exist 4000 Indian B-Schools targeting 6,00,000 MBA aspirants every year. In such a competitive scenario, having a well equipped marketing plan is a must. However convenient it may seem, reaching out to prospective applicants for admission over telephonic calls has never been easy. According a report by the Inside Sales , 2007 it takes 3.68 cold calls to […]

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