How CAT’16 would look like?

Brace Yourselves,“CAT IS COMING” CAT, MBA aspirants favorite exam is less than two months away. Some students started writing mocks, Some started revising the topics and some others just started preparation. The tension is being increasing day by day like layers of leaves on the ground in Autumn(OK, maybe a bad comparison). Like a David about to face Goliath, students […]



CAT Shorts’16_51 days left

Preparation Strategy Strategize for Your Dream 99.99 Percentile Going well with the preconceived notions won’t help you ace on CAT. You might need to be a tough manager and scrutinize well in advance of your next moves. For the last few days, a check on Read more Indian Express I Shalini Rajvanshi Mathemagical Shortcuts for CAT’16 1/1 + 1/2 + […]