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How to prepare for SNAP GK

About SNAP GK  SNAP has undergone a slight change in terms of the questions that they used to test the students on. SNAP has revamped and changed the name of GK section to ‘Current Affairs of last 2 years’. (At least now we know what to study). The GK Section in SNAP is of 30 marks out of a total of 150 […]

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Interview Etiquettes for MBA Admissions

Interview Etiquettes for MBA Admissions

  Interview season starts even before the season for entrances comes to a halt. How to prepare for an MBA interview and how to crack the most crucial part of the admission process? It is definitely not a cake walk but can surely turn out to be more than just a series of questions and answers if one follows these […]

Leveraging the power of YouTube to attract MBA aspirants

  Most of the B-schools in spite of heavily investing in their marketing techniques, tend to miss out on the most important one that is Youtube. It is a pity as Youtube is one of the largest and most active social community there is. India is one of the leading countries which have maximum active users on Youtube, state the […]



How to use Blogging to attract Prospective Students 1

  Colleges across the globe are privy to the benefits of having a blog. Many B-schools at some point or the other had ventured to maintain a blog that went into disuse and are now looking for ways to revive it. The rest are still skeptical for they do wish to drive the MBA applicants’ traffic but do not know […]

How to interact with MBA Aspirants over calls 1

  Explore the 1st phase of the calling methodology to reach out MBA aspirants in the previous article, INCREASE THE STUDENT APPLICATION COUNT VIA TELEPHONE CALLS: PRE CALL TACTICS   Once you start reaching out to students, you need to prepare psychologically. Conversation becomes way smooth when you are in a position to assess the behaviour of the aspirant. Here […]



What can Indian Universities learn from Foreign Universities?

  The era of College Admission Marketing through posters, brochures and side banners website advertising is off the shelves. Technology has delved deep in every sphere and the education sector has been no exception to it. Understanding how technology has changed the business of education makes an interesting study. Technology, Marketing and Education are the topics we are going to […]

Tips and Tricks to Nail Your B-School Interviews

An interview is a conversation in the form of questions and answers. In common parlance, the word “interview” refers to a one-on-one conversation with one person or a panel of 2-3 people acting in the role of the interviewer and the other in the role of the interviewee. Personal Interview (PI) is generally the last among key components of the […]



Group Discussions and How to Ace Them For CAT, MBA

Group Discussion is a group activity in which, people with similar interest or motive come together and present their own viewpoint, and later on, the group comes to a conclusion and takes action accordingly.  It is used as one of the best criteria to select the prospective candidates in a comparative perspective. GD may be used by an interviewer at […]

Things no one will tell you before you take Finance as your specialization 2

MBA (Finance) – is it your cup of tea? If you are wondering whether to pursue a finance specialization in MBA, what are the career options available, how to crack interview of your dream B-school, continue reading to get more insights and make an informed decision before you jump into something called a B-school experience? Also, with this write-up, the […]



Careful Considerations when selecting a B-school

   Select a college which suits you the best Students represent the building block of a society. They choose to be scholars by learning in an institutionalized environment. There are premium choices available for our ecosystem ranging from IIT’s in engineering to IIM’s in management. Soliciting these choices can make or break a student’s career. This college selection for a […]

‘Smart Select’ for Smart Aspirants 2

Role of Algorithms in choosing a B-School There is always that one moment in the CAT preparation, where every student faces a hard question of which college to choose. Normally for any given percentile, there is a list of colleges which can be targeted and students are always confused about which one to choose. The choice is generally based on […]

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how to select a mba college

The Truth behind MBA College Rankings

  Education plays a crucial role in our life. Education is a part of our life that we can’t ignore. To have a better future, every one of us desires a quality education that can give us a beautiful and happy life. As a part of this, we write competitive exams to pursue our favorite courses in our dream colleges. […]

How are you filling your forms?

  You all are  MBA aspirants who are great at managing their time and effort in planning for their respective entrance exams. While doing this, you completely forget about the importance of application form they need to fill for entering a B-school. Failing to grasp the obvious pertinence of it can land you into unexpected dangers. So, we wanted to […]


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Meet the Chacha Chaudhary of CAT 3

“It is good to have an end to a journey, but it is the journey that matters in the end”   Indeed it does, what stays with us till the end are the leftovers of our experiences- good or bad, our struggles and our ways of dealing with them. Such is the journey of an MBA Aspirant where he counts […]

Planning for an MBA 2

Explore the 1st phase of MBA Journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about MBA planning.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely. “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”- A plan not only reflects how rightly you have thought to proceed but also what direct and indirect consequences of unexpected […]

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Preparing for CAT 1

Explore the 2nd phase of MBA Journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about CAT preparation.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely. Preparation doesn’t just focus on CAT/XAT and so on. It simply means get fit to fight to strive till the end. Preparation mode is the onset of the […]

Selecting the Right MBA College 3

Explore the 4th phase of MBA Journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about choosing the perfect B-School.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely. ‘As the B-school so would be the quality of your MBA.  Pick the B-school that would best ensemble your goals.’  A guide to your dream B-school […]

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Admito makes College Selection Easier 1

Choose Your Perfect B-school Our decisions define our career and if not taken properly there may not be a chance to rectify them. When it comes to CAT and joining a B-school, there are several decisions that we have to take and each one of them influences our final step of entering, a B-school of our choice. As the choices […]

Choosing the Right MBA College 1

Selecting a B-school As the countdown begins for clinching a seat in one of the Top MBA colleges in India, one major question that pops up in our minds is  “Which is the right college for me?” It becomes easier for a 98+ percentile holder to make an informed decision as he/she has a choice amongst the best IIMs but […]

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“5 out of every 8 students are not satisfied with their choice of MBA College” 2

      ADMITO FOR YOUR MBA JOURNEY Indian education sector churns out nearly 90 lakh degree students every year. These students are serviced by 36 thousand institutes in more than 5 hundred courses across 12 streams. So, for a student opting for a course in itself is a behemoth task and still, there exists tones of options for his […]