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Correct Eating and Sleeping Habits to Follow During Exams

  The admission season for MBA aspirants officially begins with the IIFT exam conducted in November end each year, followed by CAT, XAT and all the other major exams which are a ticket to all the dream B-Schools. But as we all have either already experienced or are still in this phase of preparation, the unofficial admissions season commences way […]

Correct Eating and Sleeping Habits to Follow During Exams

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MBA and Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a good influence. Some people would disagree. It all depends on your view point, really. An MBA aspirant is a great example of a view point. Our pinky tells us a lot about MBA throughout his journey as a coke dealer. There might be a surprise somewhere for you in there in the form of excellent humor.

MBA and Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones has long been one of the favorite TV shows of the younger generations. It is merciless and is drained with power. Much to say that the politics is not only ruled by strength and persistence but also by wits and relations. These words will ring a bell quite similar to your management course. Although there […]

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1.Decoding the MBA Jargons_admito

MBA Jargons

What is the difference between an MBA and a businessman involved in a company for 5 years? Keep in mind that both of these are well aware of their circumstances and environment and are well versed in the business. Sol: An MBA could talk to many of such people of varying businesses and he will speak more words than concepts. […]

Notable Quotes by Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing

Philip Kotler is Father of Marketing. Full Stop. No arguments there. His concepts transcend the boundaries of one business and are regarded as norm in discussions. His research gave us the touch points of marketing which are now a full fledged course in most of the business schools. 4P’s to 6p’s to 8P’s. His STP approach. Segmentation, targeting and positioning. […]

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More Reasons to do MBA

An answer to- Why MBA? 1

The ‘WHY’ behind MBA MBA or Masters in Business Administration is widely regarded as an expensive and one of the most sought after choice for postgraduates. More so, it is encouraged to pursue MBA in most of the communities. Ergo, there must be a reason for this state of affairs regarding a degree. A degree amongst many other which should […]

9 Personalities that will make you believe in value of MBA 2

    Yes, these are all MBA graduates. The politicians, the owners, the managers and the stars! And ofcourse they choose their colleges precisely. Follow their footsteps with Admito. Who hasn’t heard of Satya Nadella. He leads the brigade of MBA with impressive running of the tech giant Microsoft.     HCL has been going through a rough patch. And […]



Reasons to do MBA

MBA is one of the most sought after degree among Indian students. Some are motivated because of their family members while some find their own reasons to do MBA. Let’s try and see few of the reasons one would go for Masters in business Administration.  Leaders of the world are forged in this course. And of course, this is done […]

6 reasons why you should do an MBA

Students often come across this question in a B-School interview: Why MBA? Reasons may vary from person to person but here we present to you few reasons that should really attract an aspirant to do MBA 1. Analytical and pragmatic thinking This is definitely one of the many skills acquired in a B-school. Solving various business cases and real time […]


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Father of Modern Marketing – Philip Kotler

Philip kotler is considered as marketing guru. MBA has its whole ciricullum defined around his ideas and research. Lets try and see what the hoopla is all about. His ideologies might seema little extreme but they definitely seem logical and they most definitely does the trick. Top mba colleges in India follow his writings like a bible and true marketing […]

Life @ MDI Gurgaon

MDI or more precisely Management Development Institute is a premier college in Gurgaon. With high percentile admissions, it gives stiff competition to IIMs of India. Let’s have a peek into its life. Peace in life starts from here. With peace comes life and living. That is how MDI starts itself. A great way to top MBA college in India. Study […]



Life @ IMT Ghaziabad

  MBA in India is a hefty affair. Let’s try and see how does IMT Ghaziabad fairs in this noise of MBA and PGDM. A small look at life in IMT Ghaziabad. With grade ‘A’ infrastructure we see a why it is in the top MBA colleges in India. The students don’t only study but they get time to relax and […]