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Correct Eating and Sleeping Habits to Follow During Exams

  The admission season for MBA aspirants officially begins with the IIFT exam conducted in November end each year, followed by CAT, XAT and all the other major exams which are a ticket to all the dream B-Schools. But as we all have either already experienced or are still in this phase of preparation, the unofficial admissions season commences way […]

Correct Eating and Sleeping Habits to Follow During Exams

Indian Business Women

The Journey of an Indian Business Women 1

Gone are the days when women were considered as mere assets to be traded when they were of age. Today a modern woman doesn’t consider herself ‘of age’ until she is financially independent. Women were 47.3% of the total labor force in 2016 compared to 37.1% in 1976(report from the Catalyst). In the process, comes the scenario of attaining an […]

Admito: Best IT Educational Startup of India 2016

 Report of ‘2nd CSI IT Excellence Awards and Panel Discussion’ CSI Ghaziabad Chapter-April 9th 2016 Computer Society of India i.e. CSI’s Ghaziabad Chapter organized 2nd CSI IT Excellence Awards and Panel discussion at ABES Engineering College Auditorium, Ghaziabad on April 9th, 2016. Guest for the evening was Mr. Tanmoy Chakrabarty (Vice President and Global Head of Government ISU, TCS).  Mr. […]



Things no one will tell you before you take Finance as your specialization 2

MBA (Finance) – is it your cup of tea? If you are wondering whether to pursue a finance specialization in MBA, what are the career options available, how to crack interview of your dream B-school, continue reading to get more insights and make an informed decision before you jump into something called a B-school experience? Also, with this write-up, the […]

Role and Relevance of Economics in MBA by Prof V.J Sebastian

  Introduction This article aims to examine the role and relevance of economics as a subject of study in management education. It also examines the career choices in Economics vis-a-vis MBA. Hopefully, it would help both MBA aspirants as well as the current students to appreciate better, this important subject.   Economics or MBA? There are no two opinions about […]

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how to select a mba college

The Truth behind MBA College Rankings

  Education plays a crucial role in our life. Education is a part of our life that we can’t ignore. To have a better future, every one of us desires a quality education that can give us a beautiful and happy life. As a part of this, we write competitive exams to pursue our favorite courses in our dream colleges. […]

What B-schools look for in Candidates?

The article was originally published at Top MBA and is written by Mr. Ananda Mohan De, Mentor at Admito As the second-most populous country in the world and the seventh-largest nation globally in terms of geographic area, India clearly has a lot to offer to the world in the field of management. This is truer now than ever because India has […]

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How to analyse a mock CAT

Mock CAT analysis led to 92.3 percentile in VA 8

No of Mock Cats * Analysis =  Better Cat Percentile Yes, such is the equation. I am sure by this time, you are working on the “Number of Mock CAT” variable by your own and leaving no stone unturned in augmenting it. But unluckily get stuck on the analysis part to aim for a higher CAT percentile. No worries- I’ll […]

What candidates look for in a B-school? 1

THE GREAT INDIAN RAT RACE FOR MBA ADMISSIONS Part 2: What candidates look for in a  B-school? With the augmenting tendency of Indian students to decide on pursuing a management program, has not only boosted the Indian Education Sector but has brought with it an urge among the B-schools to top the charts. 4000 of B-schools against 6,00,000 aspirants signifies […]

the interesting relationship (7)

relationship between cat percentile and mock score

An interesting relationship between CAT Percentile and Mock Scores

CAT has become a very competitive exam off late with more than 2 lakh applicants applying for the exam every year. One of the best ways to practice for the exam is to take simulated mocks which are in the same pattern as the actual exam. There are many advantages of taking mocks as we will see in the blog below. There are […]