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Selecting a B-school

As the countdown begins for clinching a seat in one of the Top MBA colleges in India, one major question that pops up in our minds is  “Which is the right college for me?” It becomes easier for a 98+ percentile holder to make an informed decision as he/she has a choice amongst the best IIMs but the answer to the above question keeps on becoming difficult as the percentile range reduces.The choice in such a case is generally made by seeing the average expected package after the degree completion and the cost of pursuing the degree, which in short we name ROI. But, many don’t understand that this concept of ROI is flawed and by the time they come to know, the wrong choice is already made.

selecting a MBA Collage

MBA is a master’s degree where a person is expected to develop his managerial acumen and expertise.This expertise is developed not just through classroom teaching but many other opportunities like the brand value of the institute, industry experience, type of projects exposed to, foreign exchange etc. Your expertise is measured not just by the package which you land with after your degree but also by the acumen and skills you develop in these two years. For this, the faculty, curriculum, internships were done etc. all of the things have to be taken into account. These parameters play a big role in imbibing a quality MBA degree.

Coming back to ROI, the return on our investment cannot be calculated by just viewing one parameter average package for a year because the investment which we make has an impact on our overall career afterward. The MBA degree done from the college which stands better in the above-mentioned parameters is likely to give better salary prospects for the entire life rather than just one time higher average package. Thus, ROI stands to be better in the case of the choice made by looking into all the parameters.

Thus my advice to all CAT takers this year and for years to come will be to get out of the cliche approach of ROI while choosing a B-school and look into all the relevant parameters and then make an informed choice. After all, a good manager has to be a good decision maker first.:)

All the best and I hope you choose your perfect B-school after a lot of deliberation!!!!

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-Contributed by Manu Jain
Founder Admito
(Admito is a platform that helps students select an MBA College according to their profile and preferences, Admito’s advanced search compare the B-schools most suited to the aspirants.

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