Coffee with Ravi Handa before CAT’16

Coffee with Ravi Hooda. Founder of Handa ka Funda
In an interview with Mr, Ravi Handa, the Co-Founder of renowned CAT preparation websites, Handa Ka

“A Lot Can Happen Over a Cup Of Coffee” especially if you get a chance to enjoy it with Handa Sir.

About Ravi Handa

Ravi Handa has taught thousands of students online / offline for CAT & other MBA Entrance Exams. He has studied Computer Science at IIT Kharagpur. He has also been regarded as the Chacha Chaudhary of CAT.

In a conversation before CAT 2016

In a conversation with Mr. Handa, comes out many facts that would end up making the MBA aspirants think twice or even thrice while they apply for B-schools. Through the same, Handa has tried to put his notion of the current MBA Aspirants and what really would happen if they do not break the strands of the conventional thinking norms.

Let the conversation begin!

With the onset of October , has started the time when colleges open their windows for accepting applications and would soon initiate their selection process as well. Such is the crucial time period, when a student, applies for certain B-schools he always aspired to be a part of! How do you view the current form filling process? What factors one must keep in mind while applying for the B-schools?

I will put it across this way. Students in this one year of CAT journey, are so engrossed in preparation that when it comes to moving to the Level 2 of this journey, ie, college application– they either procrastinate things or undermine of spending their efforts in B-school selection. They tend to forget that –

‘Be it preparation or the Form Filling or even College Selection, he is expected to exhibit the same spirit for taking a sound decision.’

The sad part is: A student who needs to make a right decision among choosing only those colleges which he is fit for, applies for every other college like that!

But they are not to be blamed for this carelessness. This is indeed is something they inherit from the previous year MBA Aspirants. With this comes the notion, ‘Mai jaunga IIM-Ahmedabad’– which arouses a killing bandwagon effect, that mostly all relate to at the end of the respective CAT attempts.

I will tell you how?

1st Scenario

 I passed out from a below decent college, and I struggle to even find a job. But then I get carried away by the bandwagon effect of “ Mai Bhi Jaunga IIM Ahemedabad” ,simply hints of you not only being a poor manager but also, being a person who chases highly unrealistic dreams.


2nd Scenario

I am Mr ABC who works in a Top MNC earning a whopping package of say, 14 lakhs p.a. I know, if I get myself enrolled in any other XYZ B-school, then not only I am undermining the fact that I have  a standard matched by Top IIMS, as A,B.C but also I demonstrate poor decision making skills

Both these cases are a mere example of the Present Day College Mismatch scenario and students applying in massive numbers to a certain college, that they don’t even would get into!

Generally, students know that they would be applying for a Xyz college, that either they are least interested in or they would not get into. But still, knowingly or unknowingly, they end up doing so? What is your take on this?

Reminds me of an exact-match scenario. I will tell you the commonly committed 2 mistakes

First Mistake

I l take the reference of MDI, Gurgaon. In my life as a teacher, I have seen students who have been consistently scoring a 75-80 percentile in mock CATs and applying for MDI, that in the past years has considered applicants of not less than 97 percentile scorers.

Or take the instance of SP Jain Institute of Management and Research.

“I as a student, in most cases would apply for SP Jain even if my profile does not match to the standards raised by SPJIRM.

Not only I am wasting money on Form Filling but also I am not able to figure out what exactly are the colleges that would suit me!

Second Mistake

I don’t understand the hype that leads certain students, armed with their egotist natures, stepping back from applying in decent colleges that they would surely get into.

It still is much ponderous on why these students are reluctant to give it a shot for B-schools that do not heavily spent on advertising. These might not be a part of the usual limelight that other B-schools have been enjoying, but they stand equally good. I will take the reference for Delhi University’s International Business course that is a renowned one and has been accepting applications with a CAT score ranging from 90 to 93 percentile. But, students still would not consider applying for the same.

My experience counts on various reasons for the same,  some of them being:

  1. Students fear from the research required to shortlist a B-school
  2. Students still find their peer group recommendations dependable and knowingly or unknowingly prioritize on the basis of what they hear from them.
  3. Lack of Knowledge and awareness are two such elements which have weakened the B-schools Admission Journey

Closely keeping an eye on what MBA Aspirants have been doing over the years, our DATA hinted towards a section of students, who might even have all such knowledge and are aware, but still they are not pitting their wits to take sound decisions. What could have been the reasons?

Again as pinpointed by me a few moments ago, It is a battle of the ego inside them! I have seen students clearly not applying for Tier 2 colleges, as they still chase their highly unrealistic dreams.What works here isn’t the Magic of hallucinating about IIM Ahmedabad but the power of Researching the Data, Analysing the options and capitalizing on the best one.

Is there some way, we expose them to their wrong actions and the reactions of the same?

See, there is no driving force to make them understand of the same. Their realization over some of their poorly informed decisions is self-imposed. Think it this way- You tell someone- Tumhara Khana acha nai banta, and it is pretty much obvious Ki Wo nahin manega.” More than this, he/ she would also get pissed off.

So rather than creating consequences of them showing contempt, we should rather make them informed of what our data says. Our job is to make them aware of the colleges that are suitable for them.

“An attempt to chase unrealistic dreams indeed lands one in a place he never expected of, and what remains is the regrets then!”       


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Ravi Handa, the founder of Handa Ka Funda, has been helping students with CAT and various other exams for the past decade. You can have a look at his online CAT course here.


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