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Our decisions define our career and if not taken properly there may not be a chance to rectify them. When it comes to CAT and joining a B-school, there are several decisions that we have to take and each one of them influences our final step of entering, a B-school of our choice. As the choices are limited and competition is vast, even most B-schools have placed stringent regulations and certain criterion for choosing MBA Aspirants. From percentiles being good, they have now considered grad scores, matriculation scores and work ex per se to choose a candidate suitable for their institution. Now, let’s wait and think for a second. Around 50 colleges in Tier 1 and Tier 2 status will mean 50 different cut-offs of scores, percentiles and work ex-requirements. How to choose a perfect B-school then? Which one of them fits with an aspirant’s criteria? Which one should he target?

mba college selection
MBA college selection

Here comes the role of Admito, a friend who will help you out and make your decision-making process seamless. Admito is an advanced online platform to assist the MBA aspirants throughout their ‘B-School Selection Journey’. It matches your profile with the B-schools, refines the list as per your preferences and gets you the most relevant content to help you make a right and an informed choice. Here is what all Admito does for you:

1) Prepare smartly: Admito evaluates your profile, tracks your performance and activities to provide you with a list of colleges you are most suited for. Say you are eligible for ‘College X’ but you put in excessive efforts for some ‘College Y’. Now, Admito’s smart algorithm makes you prepare even smarter to increase your chances for B-schools you are meant for.

2) Play with admito: Try playing with different variants of your percentiles for checking chances of conversion for an MBA College.

3) College Application Form: Fill the form of only those colleges which matches with your profile the most. Save the huge money invested in College forms.

4) Remove the colleges which you think are not for you. Some colleges suggested are way too compromised. Remove them.

5) CAT results out: The results are out and the call is coming. Refine your list for the best MBA colleges that meet your requirements and criteria. Shift your focus to more important things, leave the rest upon Admito!

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Admito For Life And Beyond!

Remember- Admito is a friend who stays with you till the end. Do not give up on your best friend who assists you in your MBA journey right from the beginning of choosing the target till applying and finally preparing and joining one.

So, wanna be friends with Admito???

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