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You all are  MBA aspirants who are great at managing their time and effort in planning for their
respective entrance exams. While doing this, you completely forget about the importance of
application form they need to fill for entering a B-school. Failing to grasp the obvious pertinence
of it can land you into unexpected dangers. So, we wanted to help you to have a smooth
transition through the most important phase in pursuing an MBA and avoid the most common
mistakes in filling the application form.

Mistakes in filling an Application Form

1. Not knowing completely about what you are about to face


The title may be lengthy but not the solution. Even a king needs to completely know about his kingdom and his enemy’s kingdom to be successful. Do a complete analysis on whatever you are aiming
and you will be well prepared for it.

Visit the official website of the respective B-school and completely note down the schedule and requirements

2. Not planning before 


“ A goal without a plan is just a wish” – this quote itself reflects the importance of planning ahead!

Planning is not new to you, you planned ahead for your exams and you excelled at it. Planning for an application is nowhere near to the plan you make for your exam preparation. It is very easy, you just to need to ready all the
necessary documents and information required for the application. It will just take a few hours at most. This will make you avoid any unnecessary confusions that may consume your valuable time.

 Prepare a list on what is needed and
strike what you have completed checking on. This looks simple, but it helps a lot.

3. Waiting until the last minute

This is the most common mistake of all. Most of us wait until the end to fill the application and we risk filling the form on the deadline day at the last minute. This must be the first mistake to avoid. Waiting until the last minute is because of laziness for someone, confusion for not planning ahead and not aware of the situation. While laziness is a personal trait and must be avoided, the remaining two can be avoided by going through the first two mistakes mentioned above.

Use a smartphone or a calendar  (that is big enough to grab your attention) to constantly remind about the D day

4. Not reading through the instructions

Instructions are lengthy and boring. Why we must waste out time going through them?

This is where we completely mess up. Instructions hold the key to completely know about how to and why to fill a particular field in the application form. It gives the info about DOs and DON’Ts of the form and will make your stay in the safe zone.

If you can’t waste time reading them, just have a glance or skim through them. It won’t take much time and you will at least get a rough idea about it

5. Providing Fake information

If a resume needs to be attached in the form or if you get a chance where you need to give details about your academics, skills, achievements: DON’T FAKE IT. Even a small mistake can cost you. There is no use in overstating things. Don’t put in things that you cannot prove or do. Be genuine and we live in world of less genuine people, think about the importance given to genuine people.

Write down the things you can justify yourself. If you can think you can prove them, then only shift them to the resume or application form.

6. Not giving your complete push 

Don’t do something of you are not interested. There will be a huge difference in doing things you are interested and the ones you don’t. If you have a great interest in it, you will dedicate your total energy for it – like the way you can watch a movie even while you feel sick and unable to even read a single page of your book.

You can give yourself completely for it of you know about the advantages and the good outcome it can give (Understood why CAT is getting a lot of attention?)

7. Be consistent

Maintain a constant profile all through the application. Don’t give different information at different locations. Like one in the resume and one at another place. Not being consistent will make the one who is reviewing the application lose interest in you.

Go through all the details at every location and even out the odds. Make note of repeated details and check the differences in them.

8. Not giving them what they need 

If you are great in a lot of things, don’t mention them all. Just give what they need. For example, IIMs generally look about your Management skills, Leadership qualities, verbal and quantitative skills. They don’t have any need to know about your uncovered personal details and your involvement with any other non-applicable practices.

Just do an analysis on the B-school and prepare your resume and application accordingly

These are some of the mistakes that are commonly done by students while filling up the application form.

While some are dangerous and need immediate action, others may silently creep up later that can throw you into a place of regret and awkwardness. All the mistakes are generalized here that are common for all the applications and only important mistakes are highlighted keeping in mind your valuable time.
So, why delay grab this quick guide while you apply and it will be a walk in the park!

Admito for Form Filling 2016-17

Every year thousands of MBA Aspirants knowingly or unknowingly apply for “N” number of colleges without even considering the favorable chances of getting into such MBA colleges. The direct or indirect consequences of the same being either applying to wrong colleges leading to a waste of money or not applying for colleges which could have been a right fit for you.

Admito becomes a rescue option here by helping you analyze the colleges as per your Mock scores, profile and preferences. Admito helps MBA aspirants target just their Dream, Perfect and Backup Colleges

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