How to Crack SNAP Exam with 3 Months Remaining

One of the most well-known proverbs of all times that has inspired not only the boomers but also the millennials. It puts down clearly that no matter how difficult a situation might be if we have the will and perseverance built within, we can surely beat the odds. SNAP is no exception! The question is how to prepare for SNAP in only 3 months.

How to prepare for SNAP in 3 Months

Three months is a broad enough time to prepare well for the exam and for those who have already been preparing for exams like CAT or XAT, it should not be a matter of worry at all. To begin with, it must be understood that SNAP is a relatively easy exam when compared to CAT or XAT. The level of the questions does not demand over the counter abilities. All it takes is sufficient knowledge of the basics coupled with practice, speed and of course accuracy to crack most of the questions in the paper.

Test structure for SNAP

To begin with, it is important to understand the test structure for SNAP.

There will be 4 sections:

  1. General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Ability- 40 questions, 40 marks
  2. Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency- 40 questions, 40 marks
  3. Current Affairs—30 questions, 30 marks
  4. Analytical and Logical Reasoning- 40 questions, 40 marks

The total comes out to be 150 questions for 150 marks. The time limit would be 120 minutes and there will be a negative marking of 25%.   Most importantly the exam goes online this year, whereas it used to be offline till last year. This can be a major differentiating factor as students who are not adept at taking exams in the online mode will face the brunt of this pattern. However, CAT has been online for many years now and if you have been taking mocks for CAT via the online mode, you are surely at an advantage. If not, join some online course that helps you out with free online mocks and their solutions.

How to prepare for the GK section

After having understood the pattern, it is important to figure out that even Current Affairs and General Knowledge plays a huge part in the exam and can surely give you an edge as:

  1. You need not solve anything to mark the correct answer. So it does not demand a lot of time.
  2. Not everyone is well versed with the happenings around the world. So those 30 marks are actually the brownie points if you prepare well for this section.

So read the newspaper every day without fail to keep yourself updated and follow informational pages or news pages on social media sites and even mark them as “See First” in the “Following” section of the page in order to see the most relevant information at the top of your newsfeed every time you start browsing.

Next, figure out your strengths. Sort the topics in the order of your competence. Three months is a good enough time to prepare for each section, but it makes more sense to first strengthen your already stronger areas in order to get those marks clear and sorted. Following this, you can start preparing for the weaker sections. Allocate a specific number of hours each day to each topic. You need to strategize and prepare a strict timetable and be true to yourself by following the plan religiously. Make it a point to solve at least five reading comprehension every day and at least five cases for logical reasoning and data interpretation each. Once your mind gets accustomed to the kind of questions that are asked, it can start thinking on those lines to get a logical solution to the answer.

The one big question is where to prepare from- books, internet, previous papers or coaching material. The answer is, any reliable source that reinforces your concepts and provides ample practice questions along with solutions. Solving a question without having a proper reference to its solution is probably a waste of time and energy unless you have a 24X7 guide to help you through.

Keep a close look at your eating and sleeping patterns. No one rule fits all and each individual is comfortable with studying at a different time of the day. So make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day to keep yourself fresh and energized and that you do not compromise on this aspect. Eat healthy food like nuts, which are great memory boosters, green leafy vegetables and avoid too much caffeine, especially if you prefer reading till late in the night. Keep yourself hydrated and eat small frequent meals.

Lastly, the one dangerously important thing, without which it is almost impossible to get a high percentile in SNAP is solving the mocks and analyzing them thoroughly and making sure you do not commit the same mistakes in the subsequent mocks. Give yourself a pseudo exam environment and make yourself familiar with the time constraint or the pressure that one faces in such situations. Equip yourself with all the strategies for the D-Day and chalk out an order to attempt the sections in the paper after analyzing your mocks. Remember, in the end, it only matters how smartly you attempted the paper. Gain the knack of identifying the easier questions first and attempt them first hand. This will not only give you the easy marks but will also be a great morale booster, which will, in turn, help you solve the trickier questions later.

Do not get swayed by the sight of questions that seem familiar because you attempted them a day before the exam but are actually the most time-consuming. These are the trap holes that can bring your percentile significantly down.

Preparation Resources for SNAP Exam

If you are looking for Free Preparation Material for SNAP exam then make sure you check out this folder ( ). From Sample Papers to Monthly Current affairs PDF everything that an aspirant needs to ace the SNAP exam is included in this folder.


Lastly, it is important to understand that although the exam is comparatively easy, however, if one does not put his heart and soul into its preparation, one cannot crack it. You need to compete with other lakhs of students who might be applying all the above strategies to get that amazing percentile and if you do not run along with your competitors you can definitely not beat them!

Still Confused ?

Have any more queries related to SNAP exam? If Yes, make sure to post  it on Admito so that our SNAP experts can give you an expert advice . If No, Great, all the best of for the SNAP exam.

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