Important Tips to Prepare For CAT Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning along with data interpretation comprises of one of the three sections in the CAT exam. Almost 16 logical reasoning questions are included in the CAT paper every year. Though the questions in this section are solvable, they are mostly time-taking and confusing.

BYJUS Logical Reasoning

Having a proper logical reasoning preparation is extremely important to be able to solve the questions in the CAT and obtain a decent percentile, this increase chances to get shortlisted for different MBA institutes. Below-given are some of the most important tips to prepare for CAT logical reasoning section more efficiently.

  • Note The Topics and Plan Accordingly:

    The foremost thing to do before starting the logical reasoning preparation is to note all the important topics that are repeated every year and then plan accordingly. Dedicate no less than an hour every day to practice the logical reasoning topics.

  • Practice Different variations of Questions:

    There can be a wide range of question-types from the logical reasoning topics. So, it is extremely important to solve different variations of questions to be able to tackle any question from this section in the exam.

  • Work on Time Management:

    The reasoning questions consume a lot of time and so, it is suggested to improve the time management skills in this section and solve questions quickly. One of the most important strategies to improve time management is by practising a lot of questions and taking mock tests periodically.

  • Solve Sample Papers and Question Papers:

    It is suggested to solve previous year question papers and sample papers to get acquainted with the pattern and difficulty of the CAT questions. By practising them, question-interpreting and problem-solving skills also increase which helps to tackle actual CAT questions more effectively.

  • Use Pen & Paper While Attempting Questions:

    Solving certain reasoning questions, especially seating arrangement and sequencing questions, become extremely easy if the conditions are jotted down in a paper. So, it is suggested to read the questions first, interpret them and then draw diagrams wherever possible. By drawing, one can also avoid getting confused and reading the questions time and again which won’t be necessary as all the information can be represented by diagrams.

    These aforementioned tips can help the individuals to prepare logical reasoning section more effectively. It is also suggested to evaluate mock scores and adjust the preparation plan accordingly. It is extremely important to be thorough with all the topics before the exam to be able to attempt most of the questions in the exam.

    Apart from logical reasoning, it is also crucial to be thorough with all the other sections of the exam. Having an effective CAT preparation is of utmost importance in order to ace the CAT and get shortlisted by the top MBA colleges. CAT aspirants can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn several CAT topics easily from various engaging video lessons.



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