How to prepare for Vocabulary for CAT,XAT,IIFT 2017?

Vocabulary for CAT & MBA

Vocabulary Building Tips and Tricks

Though you don’t find many vocabulary questions in CAT, still they form a major part of your Verbal Ability preparation. If you are just not aiming CAT and are planning for other exams, say, XAT or IIFT or SNAP, then chances are you would come across such direct Vocab questions. Now, the interesting point over here is- how one makes sure that he ace those questions.

Note: If you really want to master at developing your vocabulary skills, you need to make sure you move beyond the ‘Use Flash Cards’ notion

Vocabulary Development would test your patience. If one intends to do that one is advised to follow these


A Dictaphone is a device used to record sounds for a later playback. Whenever I came across a word, I recorded its meaning and made a sentence and recorded the same. I made sure that I listened to the recording for 2–3 times a day. Vocabulary Development would want you to have an outstanding and a winning memory. If you take the first step by listening and speaking again and again, then only it would make a difference.


A visual Vocabulary or Mnemonics make the word understandable easily and also helps you remember for a longer time. CAT aspirants can followWordpandit | Learning Made Fun

Editorial Pages

The editorial pages have been quite famous among CAT aspirants, The Hindu’s being one of them. Students who read the editorial pages and search for the words they tend to come across over there, are more exposed to the the direct questions that could have been asked in XAT or IIFT or SNAP or at times even CAT.

Multiply Words

What one wants while vocabulary development is learn More Words. I have developed a way which would help the CAT Aspirants learn many words at a time. This technique is to multiply that one word by many similar words. Let’s say I learnt a word ameliorate. Now I know its meaning and I even made a sentence to test its usage. Now while I learn that word, I make a note of all the possible synonyms, antonyms , idioms and I learn a few of them . Ultimately I am learning only one word, but multiplying it to many other words that exist. Chances are you end up learning many words and remembering them after the exercise.

Read diversity

‘Reading a lot’ is a free advice given by many. What they miss out on recommending is – What kind of Reading helps? . There are 5 essential items that you come across in any newspaper. I call these 5 items- A life saver. Herein if you plan to improve upon your reading speed or learn the commonly seen good words in the diverse material, then this would be a life saver. Also there are many good blogs like- A letter to CAT aspirants or VA Analysis. Reading novels like- “ Love in the Time of Cholera” and “Gulliver’s Travels would help you develop a good vocabulary.

Review Check

CAT aspirants focus on just doing the many of what already exists. They forget that even if they do less and excel the limited part done by them, chances are they would achieve what they want. Learning as many words as is possible is not the point. Remembering whatever you learnt and marking upon the correct option in the exam is the main issue here. After every 5 days of learning such words, go for a mental exercise of recalling what all you did in those 5 days. Start from the Day 1.. Repeat this exercise after every 5 days and increase the span of time as you feel you know the words thoroughly




  1. Kulwant Bhutani

    Rather than a dictaphone, can i use another device for the same?
    Also what difference it would make to my vocabulary skills?

    1. admin

      Voice Recorded in phone can do wonders 🙂

  2. Sasha Banhotra

    I have been multiplying words like that.Though it is good that you learn many words, you forget them! Can I know what could be the strategy to recall all of them at once.

    1. admin

      Forgetting them is just normal. Until you put those words to use- Listen, Read and Write, it will be very difficulty to remember them all

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