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Economic Times ranks IMT Ghaziabad in the top 30 b-schools of the country. That’s saying something for a nation hosting 16% of the world’s population. Being a business school almost instantaneously attaches the word start-up and entrepreneurship with it.“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” by Rashmi Bansal can be written on more colleges than one. Breath in and let us dive into the clammer and clutter of the topic. IMT is, after all, known to be the marketing mecca.


An Entrepreneur in IMT

The story of an entrepreneur starts with passion. Passion fueled by zeal and bravado to go all in. The walls of IMT’s campus give enough space to build and nurture this enthusiasm. Led by more than 60+ distinguished faculties, a true opportunist finds a combined industry experience of more than 800 years amongst his batch mates too. The Entrepreneurship Cell of IMT Ghaziabad or more famously known as the E-Cell surfs the seas of ventures and start-ups with much panache. Organizing numerous meetings and gloriously providing excellent platforms for new ideas to develop, this group helps as well as mentors’ new ventures. Headed by distinguished professor Prof. Rakesh Gupta,, E-Cell has been quietly pushing the envelope for these future hustlers. It is only after you have met Sir Rakesh that you will truly appreciate the level and girth of expertise this institute has to offer. Ranging from E-cell Incubation Centre, which provides much-needed space to work and ideate to personal mentoring by the entire E-cell head himself marks the steps towards success more paced and focused.


Less talk and more work: that is the true motto of a startup founder. Let us work on the same motto and see the growth of a start-up from an IMT entrepreneur’s eye. Many businesses have started their journey from IMT’s soil and showed their potential within a short span of time. To name a few, it would be Buddy4study, Mast kalandar, and our very own Admito.in.


Admito helps MBA aspirants select their perfect B-school. It uses Machine Learning to refine the college list based on the profile and preferences. Admito’s advanced research tool then displays all the relevant content that you need to screen a college and take the final decision. The ideation started from the first day of the college. I still remember Manu (PGDM Marketing 2014-16) working on the algorithm in the breaks of Foundation Module. Apart from Manu and me, Himanshu Mendiratta (PGDM Marketing 2014-16) and our graduation college friends- Suprabhat Sen and Mukesh Kumar are the Co-founders of Admito.


It was Aug’14 when our first draft of the business model was ready and we pitched it to Mrinalini Shah, the E-Cell head during our time. The appreciation from Prof Shah boosted our morale. It was then taken under the mentorship and guidance to polish the idea into a full-fledged business. The time saw a lot of turns and re-iterations. Support from distinguished faculty members accelerated the progress and improved the clarity of the subject. The vast alumni network of IMT Ghaziabad provided feedback from industry experts with support coming in from every direction. It is an overwhelming feeling when your own idea is the topic of discussion with senior managers, vice presidents and senior professors of your own college. I got to know so much about the industry and its working. Everyday seems like a true learning process. I hope we are able to achieve what we started for.


After the appropriate business model was developed the team had come a long way from ideating to implementation. This was the time when Admito was incubated under IMT, E-Cell. This brought in the flux of resources every entrepreneur desires for. A space to work, appropriate infrastructure and resources to bank upon. The incubation brought in a lot of additional incentives and Admito was launched in the market. The sleepless nights, restless Marketing and the free and valuable guidance from the team members of Placecom, Sportscom, and IRC. Their offices used to be there during our time. Admito crossed the 100th mark of its first users, which is a big feat to achieve if done within first few weeks. The statistic currently stands at near 2600 registered users with 80% algorithm accuracy. 20 among them have taken admission into IMT for 2016-18 batch. We are aiming for 15,000 registered users and 90% accuracy during the 16-17 Admission cycle.


Thanks to the 360-degree Marketing plan created by Devendra Sharma- Batch 2015-17, during his internship, admito has started acquiring users at a much faster rate with a much lower acquisition cost. Himanshu, co-founder admito pays his regards to IMT by saying,” This college has given me world class teachers and state of the art infrastructure. Our dream, Admito was truly realized only because of the endless support of my peers, college administration, and faculty members. It isn’t just our enthusiasm which is the attracting new users to our platform daily, but the comfort and strength being provided to us by IMT. I am only focusing on work and perfect marketing mix. The resources are least on priority as IMT has been a generous provider. It is a big load off of our shoulder”


Recently admito has been awarded as the Best IT Startup by Computer Society of India (CSI), Ghaziabad Chapter and has been featured in many online magazines and newspapers. IMT is definitely providing its best to give best managers to the market and successful business and entrepreneurs to the society and we have realized it more after graduating. There have been more budding entrepreneurs who have started on this path in IMT. There have been many who have made their mark and now lead a life of the successful businessman. Surely, we chose the perfect B-School to fulfill our Entrepreneurship Dream.


mba selection with admito

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