Increase the Inbound Calls for College Admissions

In a recent survey by DM News, 46% of the businessmen surveyed stated  that a “lack of an effective strategy” was the biggest obstacle in achieving  their inbound marketing goals. The objective of creating a successful inbound marketing strategy is to identify your audience, set your goals and create your tactical plan. Establish the aspirant’s journey so once you acquire a potential student, you can nurture him till the point he fills out an application. Personalisation and Segmentation of these calls is surely the key to achieving your goals.

Consistent Analysis

Through tracking and analyzing data, there are many conclusions and results you will be able to show relating back to your end goal.

Track performance across multiple channels When every inbound marketing activity contributes to the end goal, it is important to analyze the activities on multiple channels. Did data from Facebook correlate to data from an email you sent? Analyze it from the big picture.

Conquering the Art of Inbound Marketing

Colleges spend so much time focusing on their outbound strategy, that they miss prime opportunities with their inbound calls.M any Indian colleges simply rely on the rankings which are not of sufficient help to the students. If someone calls you, that means that they have seen what you have to offer, and they’re interested. Through these inbound marketing activities, you’ll be able to reach students with valuable, educational and interesting information that they’ll use throughout the aspirant’s journey.

Speak to your students in their own language.

Have a human answering the phone. The point is to engage them, so find out what they are really interested in – not what you think they are interested in. And as we mentioned before, know where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Fresh, original content 

Creating original content will draw prospective students to your website and posting it regularly will increase the return on your Search Engine Optimisation efforts.

Provide value

Think of questions your students might have about the admissions process. Provide value by answering those questions in content posted on your site. You can read the our article to step into the students’ shoes and get their perspective:

Think inbound, not outbound

Cut costs on traditional marketing activities that generally are not effective. It is time to move away from billboards, side banner advertising, mass emailing and embrace the inbound methodology. This is where we have proven results.

As the number of colleges and universities increase, so does the number of students seeking admission. Wouldn’t getting back to the aspirant well acquainted with their 10th, 12th results, CAT/MAT scores, their preferences like location, specialisation etc. make segmenting you calls easier? Admito paves the way when it comes to enhancing your inbound marketing strategy.

Admito is the platform where students come and talk about colleges with their peer group. It is the phase where they settle on their interests and add those college to their list of Favourites. Now this set of students is the low hanging fruit that MBA colleges can reap as opportunities. If a college partners with admito, they can get access to these students and they can understand his preferences and plan their 1st telephone call in a better way. Our student database is what will also do your backing. A sample student profile from our records:

Name: Anjali

Gender: Female

Exams attended: MAT,NMAT,CMAT,CAT

10th percentage: 72.2%

12th percentage: 82.8%

Graduation percentage: 52.94%

Do you have financial dependency at home?: Yes



College Average Package(LPA): 5-7

Entrance exam(Scores submitted): CAT

Cat score: 70

Sectional 1: 60

Sectional 2: 75

Sectional 3: 50

Next Year Plans: No matter what, I am going to an MBA college this year. I cannot afford to waste one year.

Aspiration: A self-made man like Dhirubhai Ambani

Frequency of socialisation: Once or twice a week

(Please note, that the  contact details of a student is shared only when he/she student shows interest in that particular college.)

Our inbound methodology will help attract colleges to their ideal students and in turn guide the students in their decision making process when it comes to applying. We are confident of our database and truly wish to become a part of your team. If you are interested in exploring the program shoot us a mail at

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