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The two-year full-time Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), rated as the toughest MBA programme in the world to get admission, is the flagship programme of IIMA. The types of Courses it offers are as follows:


i)  Regular Course: This helps a student to learn tools, techniques, skills and concepts primarily through class discussions.

ii) Seminar Course: This provides a specified number of class sessions and time for research to explore the frontiers of knowledge.

iii) Projects: These are designed to suit individual student needs. They are further classified as Independent Project, Project Course, Course of Independent Study, and Comprehensive Project.


For 2 years MBA/PGDM/PGP Course

Course Fee- Rs.18,78,000/-
Average Package- Rs. 21 lakh p.a.  (Via


Teaching Pedagogy at IIM-Ahmedabad




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The academic curriculum comprises of a plenty of Skill Development Courses like Communication, Leadership, Spreadsheet Modelling, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Innovation and Design Thinking and Sustainability.

Another initiative to blend theory and practice is the hiring of professors of practice, which allows industry professionals with 15-20 years of experience to become a part of the IIM Indore full-time faculty. These professors of practice are already making a difference with case-writing projects on SBI, Godrej and BHEL, and a new consulting practicum to be offered in the second-year PGP.

The teaching methodology is also experimental in nature. Students visit a company once a week in the first year of the Program. They are required to carry out a study on various industries and key players in the industry. This enhances their exposure to organizations and provides them a backdrop for analyzing the managerial contexts of different cases.


For 2 years MBA/PGDM/PGP Course,

Course Fee- Rs.13,00,000/-
Average Package- Rs. 15.67 lakh p.a.  (Via


Teaching Pedagogy at IIM Indore 






The institute has a Non-Classroom Learning, often referred to as NCL, builds on these ideas and offers three distinct levels of learning-

Self awareness, Self Management and Societal awareness.

SPJIMR’s Post Graduate Management Programme for Women is an innovative initiative designed to meet the needs of women leaders and managers who are ready to return to their careers after a break. Designed specifically for women who have taken a career break, the PGMPW will address gaps in knowledge and skills as candidates prepare to return to an active career.


For 2 years MBA/PGDM/PGP Course,

Course Fee- Rs.14,60,000/-
Average Package- Rs. 15.05 lakh p.a.  (Via


Teaching Pedagogy at SPJIMR






Lectures, case analysis, simulation games and exercises, syndicates, group discussions and practical project work are commonly as teaching techniques at FMS. Students’ performance is assessed through a continuous system of tests, quizzes, midterm and semester-end examination to ensure highest academic standards.

At the practical front, after completing the first two semesters of instruction during the first year, all students are required to undertake practical training in an organization for a period of ten weeks during the summer months.


For 2 years MBA/PGDM/PGP Course

Course Fee- Rs.22,000/-
Average Package- Rs. 20 lakh p.a. (Via


Teaching Pedagogy at FMS 






Various unique courses are offered at MDI like Post Graduate (PG) in Human Resource Development, PG in International Management, National Management Programme(NMP), PG in Energy Management apart from the normal PG in Management.

NMP was the first PG Programme launched at MDI and it attracts executives with diverse experiences and provides them with holistic business perspective and international exposure. In 2011, PG in Energy Management became possibly the only programme with AMBA accreditation targeted at Energy Sector. Fierce competition and the need for continuous change have created a critical role for HR professionals in business organizations and the PG in Human Resource Management is just the course required. 


For 2 years MBA/PGDM/PGP Course

Course Fee- Rs.1,920,400/-
Average Package- Rs. 18.53 lakh p.a. (Via


Teaching Pedagogy at MDI







With the objective of developing an entrepreneurial mind-set and holistic business view, specialised core courses in Entrepreneurship are offered in the first year. After completing the specialised courses, as well as eight weeks of corporate training during SIP, students join a start-up on a mandatory six week intensive Entrepreneurial Immersion Programme. The flexibility in choosing electives across stream irrespective of the chosen specialization is endearing to the students.

The Institute also has Executive and Part time programs designed specifically for high-performing professionals with work experience.

IMT Ghaziabad’s campus is close to the Delhi NCR region, giving you the added advantage of extensive and regular interaction with industry leaders.


For 2 years MBA/PGDM/PGP Course,

Course Fee- Rs.1,500,000/-
Average Package- Rs. 10.47 lakh p.a. (Via


Teaching Pedagogy at IMT






The Curriculum at Xavier’s is contemporary as it is reviewed and updated every two to three years in consultation with Industry leaders, alumni, students and faculty.

The exposure to a foreign language (among German, French, Spanish, and Chinese) is compulsory for all students.

The programme rounds off with a strong emphasis on integrative and value-oriented courses such as Business Policy, Business Ethics and Environmental Issues so as to make the student not only a competent manager, but also a socially responsible citizen.


For 2 years MBA/PGDM/PGP Course

Course Fee- Rs.13,58,000/-
Average Package- Rs. 6.55 lakh p.a. (Via


Teaching Pedagogy at Xavier


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