Latest MBA Courses in India that will Skyrocket Your Career

While Thinking of MBA, the first question that strikes is which specialization will be the best for our career. Choosing a specialization is important as recruiters aim to hire candidates looking at the specialized knowledge and skills they possess, not someone who is the jack of all and master of none. Choosing a specialization is a tough task for students. They need to think of the market demand for the course and also find the right course that fits their skills.

Students in India aspiring to get an MBA degree has an illusion that management studies are all on the subject of Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Operations, Supply Chain and Information Technology, and other popular and top MBA Programs in India. The fight for jobs in these streams is tough as there are many people fighting for the same job. There are numerous lesser-known New MBA Programs which brings great career opportunities. Even if students know about them, they are reluctant to pursue such specializations as they have less knowledge about which institutes provide them and how beneficial that would be for their career.

Admito has the best solution for it. They provide you with the list of MBA Programs in India available and how good it is to go for them. There is an MBA Specialization Quiz to find out the best MBA program in India for your career development. Gone are the days when MBA was restricted only to finance, HR and marketing. The need of the industry has changed and they demand skills very specific to their business.  Courses for instance MBA in Apparel Management, Media and Entertainment, International Business are budding these days. There is a good job market for these specialized courses.

Some other new MBA programs that are unheard by most MBA aspirants that they can take up and have a good career without compromising with their interests are listed below:

1. MBA in Sports Management

MBA in Sports Management

An emerging stream of MBA in Sports Management. Though it is presently available in only a few institutes but has huge career opportunities. Sports management is the field of business dealing with sports and recreation where there is a vast scope for the students to flourish. Some examples of sports managers include managers for sponsorship and merchandise of sports, college sports managers, sports marketing, event management, facility management, sports economics, sports finance and business, and sports information. Sports Management is a good option for an MBA aspirant who has a keen interest in sports.

Here are some colleges for MBA in Sports Management

2. MBA in Entrepreneurship Management

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Many people want to work on their own family business and make it a successful one, or they may want to start a new business. MBA in Entrepreneurship Management would help them to learn about how to start, develop and diversify a business.

The top colleges for MBA in Entrepreneurship Management are:

3. MBA in Rural Management

MBA in Rural Management

For a person who wants to contribute to the society and work for its welfare efficiently with a mind of a business person, the course would lead to their perfect career choice. There is a huge job market out there for this course. MBA in Rural Management can open the opportunities to get a managerial post in NGOs, Rural banks like NABARD, FMCG companies, microfinance sector, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Departments of the famous corporates, and others.

Best Colleges for MBA in Rural Management:   

4. MBA in Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is all about using the data and creating models to help the business to make better decisions. People who love data, statistics and playing with numbers would find the course very interesting. The course also has excellent job prospects. Every company needs an Analytics expert for taking correct decisions and to grow further. Graduates can start their own consulting business, may also work for banks, FMCG companies, etc.

Best Colleges for MBA in Business Analytics:

5. MBA in Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management

Healthcare Industry is predicted to grow tremendously in near future, so an MBA in healthcare management would fetch you tremendous success in your career. The health sector market is huge- hospitals, clinics and other and they all need management professionals for making it more profitable and for smooth operations. So opportunities are ample.

Colleges for MBA in hospital and Healthcare Management are:

6. MBA in Tourism Management

MBA in Tourism Management

Tourism is becoming a fast-paced sector in the world. An outgoing people person can succeed in a tourism management job. A person who wants to work overseas and is comfortable with the flexible time can find the job interesting. Hotels, resorts, airlines, travel agencies and many more would like to hire a person holding an MBA degree in tourism management. A person can start their own business in travel and tourism as the industry is growing fast.

Colleges offering MBA in Tourism Management are:

6. MBA in Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure development, like the concept of Smart Cities, is growing fast so there is a need for educated professionals trained specifically in this field. Telecommunication companies, Real estate companies, Construction firms and Architecture firms look for experts in Infrastructure Management Graduates to excel in the industry.

B-Schools offering MBA in hospital and Healthcare Management are:

Apart from the above list of MBA programs in India which are rare but interesting, there are a lot many new MBA programs in India which are emerging and promoted by some top institutes of India. People with such specializations are being readily accepted by different industries for their growth.

Admito can assist you to get into the best MBA Program in India that would match your interest and skill-set and accordingly find out the best college for those specializations.

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