Leveraging the power of YouTube to attract MBA aspirants

Most of the B-schools in spite of heavily investing in their marketing techniques, tend to miss out on the most important one that is Youtube. It is a pity as Youtube is one of the largest and most active social community there is. India is one of the leading countries which have maximum active users on Youtube, state the statistics. But now let us not forget that say 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, every minute. Now given the competition and the fact that the students look forward to quick display of content that can give an overview of the college. This implies that the content you put has to be engaging and impactful to be able to woo students to apply at your B-school.

Carefully Structure Your YouTube Channel with Playlists

The most important step when it comes to using Youtube is to make a Youtube channel for your B-school where you will upload videos. When there exists a channel for the college, students can easily subscribe to it and get updated as and when you post new content. Dividing your videos into unique categories and Playlists will help cover the different aspects of your business school, such as student life, academic programs, alumni connections, cultural activities etc. This will make it easier for MBA aspirants to find the content that’s most relevant to them and that too effortlessly.

Example- IIM Calcutta has various playlists on their Youtube channel pertaining to different aspects of the school.

Make your video more visible and easy to find

Since reaching out to the students is the ultimate aim, the videos should be findable both on and off of Youtube. You can leap frog your competition to the top of the search results page of a search engine, by taking care of the following things:

Make sure that you make use of the targeted keywords in the title. Start your description with a full URL, and don’t keep rattling on. Be descriptive but do not cross the line of precision. Use Search-engine optimisation techniques and use keywords that will help you get found more easily. You can also include more URLs throughout your content.

These are the easiest parameters that can be controlled apart from the others  that affect the video’s visibility, for example page views, subscribers, comments and likes. Read more about You Tube Video Optimization

Encourage Student Participation

Your own students can reach out to the prospective student lot by submitting content and enhancing your video marketing campaign. This way the prospective MBA students will identify better with the students of same age and they will feel less advertised to. Obviously ,the aspirants will find students more relatable than the faculty members.

Calls to Action

No wonder videos have great potential to attract students but they will never convert to applicants  without a proper call to action. If you have a great video demonstrating why your Executive MBA program is so distinctive, why not include a link to where an aspirant can sign up for more information?

You can easily add annotations to YouTube videos which appear on top for a specified length of time and can include links to other videos, playlists or a subscribe option. 

Besides these activities, you can also advertise your videos at the bottom of videos, or as instream ads that appear before or during another video. If you have a “TrueView” PPC campaign  (in-stream videos as ads), text ads showing in your videos, can show in all your channel’s videos for no additional charge. Not providing links to landing pages on their videos, either embedded, or on the page that the video is on, counts as a missed opportunity in leveraging youtube for marketing.

Use one social platform to publicise another

To make your videos more sharable and reachable to prospective applicants, you can leverage other social media platforms. Blogging is one way to deliver your video to the blog subscribers Using a keyword rich title will also enhance your chances of being found in search engines. After youtube, Facebook caters to a very large audience base. Plus, video is a great way of increasing your EdgeRank.

Be active

An inactive B-school youtube channel comes forth as a college that is behind it times and in fact reluctant to make a be a part of what is now an integral part of students’ lives. However, this does not imply that you upload useless content only for the sake of uploading. Students will test your authenticity in the basis of content that you showcase and what your B-school has to offer.

Always try to keep the prospective students interested, engaged and coming back for more.

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