Life @ MDI Gurgaon

MDI or more precisely Management Development Institute is a premier college in Gurgaon. With high percentile admissions, it gives stiff competition to IIMs of India. Let’s have a peek into its life.

life at MDI Gurgaon

Peace in life starts from here. With peace comes life and living. That is how MDI starts itself. A great way to top MBA college in India.

Sportsfest MDI Gurgaon

Study and sports go hand in hand. This is why Akshayam is there. Play the sport, not the game.


There starts the journey of a manager in the top college in Delhi/NCR region.


The life in hostel creates memories forever. Drown in it and live in it. MDI Gurgaon surely is a place to do your post graduation in management from.


And of course gurukul. As the name suggests it solves problems for the markets by giving great managers.


And you end the MBA in top MBA college by memories worth remembering in all the seasons.

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