MBA and Game of Thrones



Game of Thrones has long been one of the favorite TV shows of the younger generations. It is merciless and is drained with power. Much to say that the politics is not only ruled by strength and persistence but also by wits and relations. These words will ring a bell quite similar to your management course. Although there is no bloodshed involved in the corporate world we do end up fighting for consumer wallet size. Let us see what do the characters of this great TV show have to say about MBA admissions.



Game of thrones_admito_mba_12

Game of thrones_admito_mba_11

Game of thrones_admito_mba_10

Game of thrones_admito_mba_9

Game of thrones_admito_mba_8

Game of thrones_admito_mba_7

Game of thrones_admito_mba_6





Game of thrones_admito_mba_5

Game of thrones_admito_mba_4

Game of thrones_admito_mba_3

Game of thrones_admito_mba_2

Game of thrones_admito_mba_1


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