MBA as a Fresher or MBA with Work-Experience, which is better?

Major reasons why students in India opt for an MBA course is because of the lucrative job opportunity we expect after completing the course and as it opens excellent career paths. This has made the course very popular among freshers as well as working professionals.

Students with work experience have a visible advantage in terms of placements after MBA as compared to doing an MBA with no work experience. They can easily connect practical problems and situations with theoretical learnings in class. They are quite clear about their future endeavors which help them focus on their academics in a way that would reward them the best.

After going through this several questions pop into one’s mind like

Why MBA as a fresher?
It is tough to beat a fresher in academics. They have more enthusiasm, creativity, motivation, and energy. Moreover, a fresher is more open to new innovative ideas and are more likely to take risky or bold steps.


Fresher do not have presumptions so they come up and fight challenges and try to change factors whereas experienced people tackle things in a routine way. Some roles in placements – primarily management trainee and leadership development roles are exclusively meant for fresher.

Is MBA without work experience is of no worth?
The Companies employ fresher as they would acquire resources which will increase the benefit of the company and trim down the cost. A lot of companies prefer to recruit fresher since it is much easier to groom them compared to an experienced person. There are eminent companies who hire skilled MBA fresher to join in and eventually grow in the company. Some of them are Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant, Wipro, IBM, Reliance, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, Capgemini, Google, Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, ICICI Bank, Siemens, General Electric, General Motors, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In.

India is promoting the Entrepreneurial culture, so there are numerous successful start-ups budding up and looking for fresh and energetic MBA graduates. If you are an MBA without work experience, you will find a chance in these start-ups to exploits all your classroom knowledge and in turn get valuable learnings. At present times. B-schools ensure a balanced mix of experienced and freshers candidates in their selection process. This helps to develop the combined effect of a fresher’s creativity and experienced person’s corporate knowledge.

Myths regarding MBA with/without Work Experience
There are various myths regarding MBA with no Work Experience. To have a clear view about your career after MBA and to arrive at an informed decision, you may consult Admito. As it is perceived that MBA without work experience is not a right option, it is also perceived that too much work experience can prove to be a negative choice.

Myths About MBA

The general agreement is that 2-3 years of experience is sufficient for a man to comprehend the dynamics of an organization and understand different functional areas. Individuals who have experience for more than 7-8 years tend to frame inflexible conclusions about the workings of the organization, which may go about as a psychological bar in adopting new ideas. On the opposite side of the range, individuals with 1 or fewer years of experience are nearly on a par with fresher as far as practical knowledge is concerned.

Which is better MBA as a Fresher or Experienced?
The widely accepted concept is that if an MBA aspirant is keen on choosing a specialization than work experience gives a boost to their career, but for general management work experience hardly adds value. Opportunity doesn’t depend on whether you have experience or you are doing MBA as a fresher, to a certain extent opportunity depends on how much dynamism you have, how many skills you acquire at the end of the day and how various complex problems you can solve by your knowledge and business insight.

Thus, don’t worry about the opportunity. Just set your goal and smartly work on it and immerse yourself in fulfilling the goal. You will have an arousing career ahead, achieve your dreams and be a successful businessman.

Admito can help you to easily find the right information required to make an informed decision about your career.

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