MBA Jargons

What is the difference between an MBA and a businessman involved in a company for 5 years? Keep in mind that both of these are well aware of their circumstances and environment and are well versed in the business.

Sol: An MBA could talk to many of such people of varying businesses and he will speak more words than concepts. These words are short form and make it easier to communicate the essential principles of business. They can be called lingo which is incorporated by Oxford dictionary too. Pretty cool huh!



1.Decoding the MBA Jargons_admito

2. Win Win_Admito

3. Reorg_admito

4.Cash Cow_Admito



7. Expectations_admito

8. Paradigm Shift_Admito

9. Blue Sky

10. Viral_Admito

11. Visionary_Admito

12. Next gen_Admito

13. Competency_Admito

14. Ready fire aim_admito

15. Candle_Admito

16. Cliff_admito

17.push back_Admito

18. Next Steps_admito

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