9 Personalities that will make you believe in value of MBA



Yes, these are all MBA graduates. The politicians, the owners, the managers and the stars! And ofcourse they choose their colleges precisely. Follow their footsteps with Admito.

Who hasn’t heard of Satya Nadella. He leads the brigade of MBA with impressive running of the tech giant Microsoft.


Satya Nadella


HCL has been going through a rough patch. And we don’t think there is any other than Mrs. Roshni Nadar Malhotra who is apt to take care of proceedings just now.

Roshni Nadar CEO, HCL


IIM Ahmedabad. The mecca of Indian MBA is headed by Mr. Ashish Nanda. A true motivator leading the education system with innovation giving out able managers for tomorrow to India.

IIM Ahmedabad, Ashish Nanda

If somebody has to summarize Mr. Ratan Tata in one word it would be “Tata”.That is the effect of this industry mogul on Indian mind and industry. He is one of the most philanthropic persons as well who truly dedicated his life to TATA.

Rattan Tata MBA

Graduating from one of the top schools in management. Godrej has reached new heights under his able leadership. Mr. Adi is a great leader who likes to assess the situation first and then surgically executing his plans in the market. Like a boss.




Chairman of Godraj Group MBA


Kellog school has given this world some of the great marketeers of its time. Mr. Venkatesh is no such exception. He chooses a life of academician imparting his knowledge to the newer generation. And it is my belief that we want it.




One of the deeply cherished politician in India, Sachin Pilot. He is in news for all the right reasons which are something of a feat for a politician in India. Wharton business school has given India a great pragmatic leader capable of bringing about a positive change in our society.



Who is not known to reliance industries? The great Dhirubhai Ambani changed the Indian landscape with his meteoric rise and then onwards his sons have taken the chariots of reliance to new highs. Anil Ambani is India’s leading Industrialists and continues to soar in business.



Indians are always happy about this jolly guy. He handles the ministry of state for finance and has introduced great reforms since his term in the office. He utilizes his time brilliantly for his country’s finances.



There are more who are making an impact on Indian as well as foreign soils being an MBA. I hope this has motivated you enough for your career in business administration.

All the best!


  1. diksha

    you forgot the name of great personality RBI governor Raghuram Rajan who completed his post graduation from IIM Ahmadabad.

    1. admin

      Thanks for commenting Diksha. We will add his name in the next 9 personalities. (y)

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