Meet the Chacha Chaudhary of CAT

It is good to have an end to a journey, but it is the journey that matters in the end”


Indeed it does, what stays with us till the end are the leftovers of our experiences- good or bad, our struggles and our ways of dealing with them.

Such is the journey of an MBA Aspirant where he counts each moment striving for the unexpected till the end, hoping high to make it at the top and then all of a sudden calming down, observing what all he got as a result of.

It is rightly said- “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” No wonder for an MBA aspirant, the moon is the dream college he sets his hopes for.

ravi handa chacha chaudhary of CATIn this quest to land up on the moon, the journey gets trickier every moment. But to our surprise and for our help, Chacha Choudhary has taken our burdens. Meet Mr. Ravi Handa, the Chacha Choudhary of CAT and the founder of Handa ka Funda who is right here to bring an abrupt end to all our miseries. No wonder, the man has nowadays become the sole reason for the happy faces we see, aiming for the top IIMs. Regarded as one of the best CAT Trainers of India, Mr. Handa, has been serving this MBA Industry for the past 6 years.

With Bated Breath, let’s look out on to the MBA Journey through Handa’s lenses.

Based on the article published by The Indian Express dated, 30th April 2016, states that only 7% of MBA graduates are employable every year. So now, the difficulty is not just to get into the so-called top institutes, but the struggle travels with you till you grab the best job. I would try my best through this article to make you one among the 7%. By what I have observed so far, I have further categorized the crucial phases of an aspirant’s journey into 4 parts to help you analyze better and prepare for them at the onset of your MBA journey.

perfect paning for CAT 2017


Journey of an MBA Aspirant

Phase One- Planning for an MBA

To come out with flying colors, invest your efforts from day 1. Plan your MBA. What do I mean by the Plan? It is not just clearing your CAT/ XAT/ MAT  so and so, but to design a path that would drive you to the best. In my past 6 years of teaching experience, I have repeatedly come across many such instances of students going through the same mistakes while planning their MBA. Reading these Do’s and Don’ts is totally called for initially.

Phase Two- Preparing for MBA Exams

Preparation doesn’t just focus on CAT/XAT/MAT and so on. It simply means get fit to fight to strive till the end. Preparation mode is the onset of the action stage and a start-up reminder on how you re-double your efforts to aim what all you planned for. This is how I suggest one should start the MBA preparation and things one must avoid while he prepares for MBA.

Phase Three- Applying to MBA Colleges

I personally have seen students committing a blunder as to while choosing their options in order to arrive at their final decision. Many, here in this stage, fall prey to the herd mentality and poor decision-making skills to follow a path that has the imprints of many. But a manager never has to do that. This is what I feel one must do to act like one in his every decision pertaining this stage

Phase Four- Selecting the right MBA college

Pick the B-school that would best ensemble your goals.’  A guide to your dream B-school is what one aims for. Here is what I feel most of the students miss out on while choosing their perfect B-schools.


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MBA Journey, comprising of the 4 levels that we read above as listed by Mr. Handa, demarcates in a beautiful way, how and where our efforts need to be planned, what major and minor decisions to take and how to choose what we wish to see to finally land up with. Yes!- A stratagem approach to MBA Journey is what is finally called for after we see many going round the corner to commit the same mistakes.

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About Ravi Handa: 
Ravi Handa, the founder of Handa Ka Funda, has been helping students with CAT and various other exams for the past decade. You can have a look at his online CAT course here.





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