Mock CAT analysis led to 92.3 percentile in VA

CAT Percentile Analysis

No of Mock Cats * Analysis =  Better Cat Percentile

Yes, such is the equation. I am sure by this time, you are working on the “Number of Mock CAT” variable by your own and leaving no stone unturned in augmenting it. But unluckily get stuck on the analysis part to aim for a higher CAT percentile. No worries- I’ll share my mantra. For now-Try to understand what the equation says- one giving 5 mock CATs and analysing them perfectly ( 1 being highest analysis and 0 being no analysis)  (5 *1= 5) of them v/s one giving 10 mock cats and analysing very less of them( 10*.2=2), the one with 5 mocks Cats is in a better position to land in a good B-school.

This certainly emphasizes the need to balance out on both variables- No. of Mock CATs and Analysis to increase your chances of scoring what you always dreamt of!

I have been receiving many such requests from students on their failing miserably to crack Mock CATs and hence analyze what areas to work upon before taking another one. Believe me- CAT 16 would turn out to be any other TIME AIMCAT/CL MOCK CAT. So if you are not investing your efforts in an efficient manner you l have to take whatever the devil part of CAT has to offer you.

The Strategy-

Again I am not making any fancy claim that this strategy would land you up with a sure shot 100%ile, But would at least make a dramatic change in your scores if you follow it consistently.

This was what I did after every mock score I received, low or high:-

  1. Pick up the section you want to analyze. Create a column wherein you update each topic name you received the question of,  in your mock CAT and in the other columns update your performance for the same. Do this for all the mock CATs you gave until now
  2. This exercise tests your patience for this time you would be updating your performance, monitoring the same and developing a sound strategy accordingly. Get your laptops, and start with creating a spreadsheet.
  3. Make 3 columns for- the unattempted, the correct and the wrong questions. Find attempts (in %age) by using the formula ( Questions attempted/Total No of questions * 100)  and accuracy ( in %age) by using the formula ( Number of correct questions/No of questions attempted *100)I made the task easier- Now my  Comprehensive analysis limits to just these 2 columns- Attempt and Accuracy which help me gain certain useful insights.
    Mock scores
  4. Take out the average of Attempt % and Accuracy % over all the Mock Cat’s given so far.
    the averages

The Analysis-

I set my effective combination of Attempts and Analysis first. I did by prioritizing on Accuracy. No matter how many attempts I made, a low accuracy would lower my score completely. ( Refer to the table)


  • A 90-100% accuracy matched by a high number of attempts (>80%)  became my strength. I understood these were the topics I was most comfortable in and could leave no chance scoring on them if I happen to bump into a similar question. I used them to strategise on how I could capitalize on them in a better way. ( a combination)
  • A decent accuracy for a somewhat similar number of attempts became my “Scope of Improvement’. I knew there was something I was still missing on. I could see that such silly mistakes if avoided, could have landed me up with a better percentile.
  • A high accuracy with a low number of attempts was an “Underdog”! It was as if I was inviting my friend to grab the cherry on the cake in front of me.I analyzed the need to increase the attempts in accordance ( b combination)
  • A lower accuracy with higher attempts was my Overconfidence. I became cautious for they lowered my score.  ( c combination)
  • A lower accuracy with a low number of attempts became my Weaknesses. I then used the analysis for certain recommendations. I used my RCs- Weakness Tag consulted a few and jot down what I felt I could have done to improve the score. ( d combination)

next steps

I used the insights to reach a conclusion wherein I made a full-time strategy for the next to-be-given mock Cats. I could well see the pattern. I even knew which topic I would attempt first, and which one I would skip at once.  I even knew what I would do while giving the mock to keep my calm And it helped me do wonders in CAT!

No doubt it helped me in VA, but the same could be replicated for any section you wish to have an analysis for!

mock test strategy

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Even if you are are a novice at Analysing things, you would possibly connect the dots you could and predict what questions you would see next. Yes! CAT Preparation would soon give you the power to do so!

Remember shortcuts are taken by few, like the Road not taken. You tend to outclass others while investing some time of your day working for such tips and tricks. Also make it a routine to be consistent at always analyzing each mock CAT you give, the same way as I have told, before moving onto the other. The analysis helped me increase my score from 40 to 90 percentile in VA.

Link to the full excel file:

Before CAT’16 shows you its bad colors, let avoid the direct or indirect consequences you would have to face as a result. Remember- the strategy, was, and would in the near future remain the same. It is you who know how to capitalize on it in a better way.

-The same old anonymous MBA grad

This article has been written as an extension to the letter to cat aspirants A letter to cat aspirants talked about an anonymous MBA Grad sharing his CAT cracking strategies, preparation journey, and results. 


  1. Aarohan Das

    Sir. after analysis helped me improve from 60 to 85 percentile. How can I score 95+ like you? Please guide me

    1. The best way to go about increasing the score lies in 2-way strategy.
      1) Identify the topics from all the sections which are your strength. Keep working hard on them. Do their sectional regularly
      2) Analyze the scores in detail. It help you track your performance your areas of strength.

      For the weak topic, take them little later once you gain confidence.

  2. Nakul Sharma

    Hi sir, I score 50 percentile now! Can I improve my score through this?

    1. Nakul,

      Have you tried analyzing your mocks as per the steps mentioned in the article? I am sure once you do that, increasing your score would not be that hard.

  3. Abhinandan Roy

    I like the way you have done this analysis. Though not much info has been shared on how we can compare our performance with the other students appearing for such mocks. It would be great if If you share something related to that!

    1. Abhinandan.

      If you have taken up Test Series like T.I.M.E, they have a section where you can see the time invested by you in answering a question compared to the peer group. It is a best way to identify

      1) Questions which you do quickly them the rest. These questions should be done at an early stage to gain confidence
      2) Questions which you do correctly but take more than the rest. These are the pitfalls one should avoid. Answering a question right, is not the only parameter to get good percentile, you need to do it quickly too. Leave such questions for the end

  4. Garima Chaudhary

    Hi Sir
    Please guide me for CAT 16! What do I do to score like you?

    1. Garima,

      Once you read this article, I would recommend you to go and read the following article too

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