Father of Modern Marketing – Philip Kotler

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Philip kotler is considered as marketing guru. MBA has its whole ciricullum defined around his ideas and research. Lets try and see what the hoopla is all about.

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His ideologies might seema little extreme but they definitely seem logical and they most definitely does the trick.


Top mba colleges in India follow his writings like a bible and true marketing managers quote his findings like honest disciples.

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MBA in marketing is literally incomplete if you can’t define marketing in exact terms as Kotler. And alos the following lines help.

Market Share

He would just say things that are present in front of you but can only be realized once he has pointed them out.


You must now have had too many eureka moments whilst reading this. Here is one more. And one last thing to say. No, I would rather have you see it.

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I hope you liked it. Go ahead and take marketing. Dive into the world of business and do it with Mr. Kotler at your side.

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