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Explore the 1st phase of MBA Journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about MBA planning.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely.

“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”- A plan not only reflects how rightly you have thought to proceed but also what direct and indirect consequences of unexpected situations you could avoid while you chose to do so. Similar is my take on when one plans for MBA. Your each step in MBA journey needs to be jot down on paper, planned in advance with a follow up of what all you did and where it led you.

What MBA planning wants from you is to reinvest your efforts and thoughts wisely. Remember- MBA Planning is not about just clearing your CAT/ XAT/ MAT  so and so, but to design a path that would drive you to the best. In my past 6 years of teaching, I have repeatedly come across many such instances of students going through the same mistakes while planning their MBA. Reading these  Do’s and Don’ts is totally called for initially.

Do’s for MBA Planning

  • Introspect your professional and personal goals.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Make it a habit of reading every day. Take a look at the list of recommended books every MBA aspirant must read.These novels would not just help you out with the verbal section, but as well would enhance your motivation and communication skills. You would be able to realize a very prominent change on your confidence level. Take a look at how to develop a reading habit to improve your cat score.
  • Research about the opportunities and the skills required – Opportunities for MBA are huge in a developing country like India. But, MBA candidates lack proven skills. Ensure your research does not stop with just identifying the opportunities and the skills required rather find out the relevant methodologies to attain the skill set.
  • Undergo a thorough first-hand research about the colleges and the facilities – Reach out to the alumni and the best contacts to grab the relevant details. Think about the opportunity cost. Gain knowledge about the selection criteria of various colleges.
  • Plan your career gap effectively – Most of us come across a frequent dilemma between career gap and CAT preparation. If you have decided to take a gap, utilize it to the best.

Don’ts for MBA Planning

  • Don’t set your mind to accept anything less than what you deserve – Generally, candidates lose their hope of getting into top rank B-schools immediately after a certain failure attempts, which would lead them to end up at lower tier B-schools. Set your mind not to give up until you reach your destination
  • Don’t overload information – Too much information would lead you to a kiosk.
  • Don’t rely on rumorsOn your research, carry only the reliable information to the next phase.
  • Don’t set your goals based out of salaryAccording to you, if MBA is just about grades, jobs and salary then probably you need a change in your attitude. MBA has a lot more to impact your life. MBA is an experience.

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About Ravi Handa: 
Ravi Handa, the founder of Handa Ka Funda, has been helping students with CAT and various other exams for the past decade. You can have a look at his online CAT course here.

MBA Journey- Why Plan? 


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