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Explore the 2nd phase of MBA Journey with Handa Ka Funda and read what Mr.Ravi Handa has to say about CAT preparation.This article is in continuation to Planning your MBA Journey wisely.

Preparation doesn’t just focus on CAT/XAT and so on. It simply means get fit to fight to strive till the end. Preparation mode is the onset of the action stage and a start-up reminder on how you redouble your efforts to aim what all you planned for. While one plans to step into this phase of MBA journey, he must prepare himself not only to face the so called MBA struggles but must also deal with the many decisions that he might have to take on his path. The biggest question mark that surrounds him everywhere- what are the best websites for MBA preparation? How to Crack CAT-? How to crack sectional cut off and a never ending list of what not deserves a read to an exhaustive list I have prepared with special reference to you people.

Mode of Preparation

Enroll in an online coaching institute of your choice to strap yourself into the seat. Read this article on How to select the best coaching institute to get the best clarity on coaching institutes.

Introspect Well

Before you begin, Identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses so that you better know where to invest most of your time and where not to.

Know Everything

Recollect from all sources, the pattern and the syllabus for each exam you plan to give.

Action Plan

  • Prepare a study schedule.
  • Set your mind and plan to attempt the exam more than once. Experience leads to betterment.
  • Manage your time for the best – Time management speaks a lot during CAT exam. Plan your time appropriately. Ensure you never cross the time limits. Make it a habit of following the allotted time, even during your practice sessions.
  • Do analyze your mock tests thoroughly.
  • Do revise the basics of all chapters frequently.

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Don’t forget to stay away from practicing these

  • Don’t set your target in terms of the number of questions to be attempted or in terms of a percentile.
  • Don’t wait until the last moment to attempt you CAT.
  • Don’t limit your practice sessions. Working professionals to be mentioned, in particular, tend to fast forward the topics with just a couple of practice questions due to their lack of time. Never repeat the mistake. More you practice, higher would be the gain.
  • Don’t take too many mock tests. Yes, I do agree, mock tests shapes you a lot. But, anything beyond a limit would be harmful. Maximum of 2 mock tests per week would be sufficient to reach your goal.
  • Don’t over prepare in the last couple of days

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About Ravi Handa: 

Ravi Handa, the founder of Handa Ka Funda, has been helping students with CAT and various other exams for the past decade. You can have a look at his online CAT course here.

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