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According to Microsoft, the average email user has an inbox made up of about 50% newsletters and 20% social network updates.  With tonnes of emails, most of them uncalled for, the surge of technical awareness and usage is clearly backfiring at us now.

When it comes to colleges, students expect their interactions to be dynamic and personally relevant. This clearly means that we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ email message that can be sent out in bulk loads all at once.

This calls for a need of Personalisation of emails to establish an immediate, personal connection with the student.

Inclusion of the recipient’s name in the subject line of an email increases open rates by as much as 42%, reports Experian Marketing Services. Indian B-schools  can start by testing personalized promotional and targeted emails such as welcome messages, thank-you emails, renewals and reactivation mailings.

Emails having personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened according to  Campaign Monitor. Maximum email providers (like MailChimp, AWeber) allow the option of inserting a aspirant’s first name by inserting a custom field into the subject line .The same format can be used to include the student’s first name within the message body, which makes the email more personal. This simple feature can aid increase the number of applicants.



Now personalisation is not restricted merely to the subject line. Relevance of email content is as important. Research shows that as many as 74% of online consumers are frustrated by messages that don’t suit their interests, which can happen when the student database is not categorized.

Map out

 You can start with breaking down a mass list into smaller, more relevant lists and map out your plan for segmentation.

Think about sorting the aspirants by:

  • Demographics (gender, age, job(working/non working, geographic location)
  • Field of specialisation
  • Preferences
  • Academic performance( give more incentives to the top scorers) etc.


Make segments

You can set parameters and rules to form segments as shown below.

Via Campaign Monitor

Now the fields for MBA aspirants will differ from the ones shown in the image. If you want to create detailed segments, you’ll need access to trustworthy student database.


Create right content

After creating various segments, you need to send the emails that align with the interests of your various lists. You need to send highly relevant information about your college, its curriculum, facilities and information


Build your email database for success

in accordance with the interests of the aspirant.

The DMA reported that some markets have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. There is no denying that it accelerates growth in marketing. Despite that, the most surprising part is that researchers found that only 35% of marketers are making use of personalized subject lines.  This happens due to lack of information. Colleges seldom make the efforts to get access to the names of applicants and tend to be at peace with email id names only. There is a dire need to look for ways to build the student database.

At this stage, Admito comes to the rescue with its promising database of MBA aspirants. Not only that, it specifically caters to the needs of the colleges by  letting them get in touch with the students who are considering the college as an option. This tremendously increases your odds of getting quality information. You can segment the prospective applicants according to their Academic score, entrance exams they have appeared in, the level of interest they have in your college in comparison with your competitor as well as their location preferences.

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