An answer to- Why MBA?

The ‘WHY’ behind MBA

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is widely regarded as an expensive and one of the most sought after choice for postgraduates. More so, it is encouraged to pursue MBA in most of the communities. Ergo, there must be a reason for this state of affairs regarding a degree. A degree amongst many other which should have equal footing in terms of attracting scholars. Here we would try to deflate some of the reasons one might choose an MBA for. And of course, if this statement seems suited to you don’t forget to take Admito’s help in getting through to the perfect MBA college for you.



reasons why to do MBA


Knowledge – “To run a business don’t give me someone who knows a little about everything. Give me someone who knows all about one thing and I will give him all my money” – Anonymous investor

Knowledge – “Business is a global venture. There is more to this world than what you know. Learning waits for you by the dozens in MBA”


benefits of mba


Think Big – “Masters in the market. Masters in business. Masters in Administration. Masters in Business Administration”


mba expertise and learning


Career Growth – “He who has MBA shall possess the power to manage, run and lead.”




career growth MBA


Global career – (Career Shift) “World needs the economy. The economy needs the business. Business needs management. MBA is management.”


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Salary – “The suits with pressed ties, the cars with tinted windows, the office with city view and the MBA with big fat placement”


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Start-up – “Starting a business is easy. The hard part is running it. MBA is a two-year course just to prove this”




Career change – “Work towards your passion as soon as you see it. Change your current work even if you have to, for success is a by-product of passion”


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People and management – “Know, learn, understand the way of human working. The way to management is the way to manage people”


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Self-growth – “For he is not the man who doesn’t grow with time. For it is not time which passes without gain”


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Yes, of course. Yes. These are true. MBA does give you all this. I am sure there is more MBA will give but I suppose these are most desirable ones. I hope you were able to associate yourself with it.

All the best in your career!!

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