“5 out of every 8 students are not satisfied with their choice of MBA College”




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Indian education sector churns out nearly 90 lakh degree students every year. These students are serviced by 36 thousand institutes in more than 5 hundred courses across 12 streams. So, for a student opting for a course in itself is a behemoth task and still, there exists tones of options for his college selection within that course.

College selection for a student is a cyclic process involving three major steps, soliciting information, discussing and finally personally deciding. As Manu Jain, a marketing majors from IMT shares, “Information is present everywhere online. Google gives you results till the sixth page and everyone advices you regarding everything. There is more information on IIM’s and IIT’s. The quantity and quality of material goes on decreasing as we go down in percentile and rankings”. Most of the information is online and its reliability is always in question. A scholar would also discuss it with his/her parents, relatives, friends who have little or biased knowledge about the topic. We also have a fair amount of idea on the number of influencers present in market with skeptical outputs being provided to students. All these factors create a havoc in the final decision making step. All of these points represents different data points. Certainly, a student has to process gigabytes of data in those last days to finalize the last possible degree of his life.

The affairs are not so dismal as there are many who have helped the learners in soliciting their dream college within their own circumference. After all placements, location, faculty, infrastructure,reputation and twenty similar metrics aren’t that easy to decipher. One will find multiple pages on MBA Colleges bringing information in hazily readable fashion to your screens. There are discussion forums too for few popular courses like engineering and management offering community run advises. They give a boost to the education sector by tipping the balance of power towards the scholars. We can still observe a gap to provide intelligent advises. There still lies a missing in the information presentation. There still lies a standard way to discuss and communicate with informed personnel.

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Admito (www.admito.in), is trying to sort out the disarray of information present through its intuitive algorithmic approach to decision making. A neutral view towards the information present out there with a new system of circulation. It takes in an aspirant’s personal and academic information to run diagnostic on all the possible options present in the market and thereby providing a final group of MBA Colleges after a careful consideration of his preferences and matching the B-school requirements. It does so with charismatic life like features of distributing the colleges into dream, perfect and compromise as categorized by students in reality. It does not make your decision for a student but it heats up the unnecessary broth surrounding the admission process. A student’s grey matter is now left to study peacefully at an environment which he desires with no stress of selection operations.



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