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Role of Algorithms in choosing a B-School

There is always that one moment in the CAT preparation, where every student faces a hard question of which college to choose. Normally for any given percentile, there is a list of colleges which can be targeted and students are always confused about which one to choose.

The choice is generally based on family influences, friend’s suggestions, average packages etc. As the student doesn’t have much idea about critical information of the college, he can miss out on many crucial aspects that needs to be looked while choosing a college. Even if he has certain parameters in mind, lack of proper insights or untidy scanning through all these parameters may lead to the wrong choice. How about designing an algorithm that can provide you a complete list of colleges that you should ideally target as per the percentile you get and various other parameters.

How Admito.in can help MBA Aspirants in their college selection Process?


Admito is a one stop solution for the same. Admito is developed on the similar phenomena. It is based on hardcore data analytics and stringent algorithms that scan out a list of colleges which you can target as per the percentile you get and other parameters that you are looking into. Admito chalks out the list on the basis of strong background processing of 20 parameters that includes average package, location, exchange programs, type of companies visiting etc. besides the percentile that you get. Its algorithm is designed especially to help students in their decision-making process and guide them to make a right choice. The data is collected from authentic sources majorly college websites, students studying in colleges, alumni etc. Thus, authenticity is the first thing that is ensured in Admito. All students have to do is add their percentile and relevant info they are looking for and Bingo!!! you will get a list of colleges as per your choice and relevance.

Our aim at Admito is to help you out in choosing a right college and make a judicious decision.

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