SMS Marketing can be more than mere Shouty Capitals

It has been predicted that by year 2020, 90% of the world population will have a mobile phone. Mobile internet usage is taking over the usual desktop, already more searches are done via mobile device. It is used as an effective marketing tool given that 8.6 Trillion text messages are sent every year on average. And when it comes to B-schools, they don’t lag behind in availing this feature at all. This calls for an effective approach to make your SMS stand out from among the rubble. Here are a few effective means that will help boost your SMS marketing process.

Collect Mobile Numbers for SMS Marketing

Getting in touch with the students can be possible only if you have the means to. Update your student database and get leads to MBA aspirants. Admito has thousands of MBA aspirants on board and helps you to generate leads. Not only that, it specifically caters to the needs of the colleges by letting them get in touch with the students who are considering the college as an option. If you make it to a student’s Favourites list, you will be able to get to know about their preferences. This will make sending the right message to the right aspirant on point. ( Admito does not share leads without students permission)

However, it is best if you set some clear guidelines when introducing SMS marketing to the student who shows interest:

  • Create segments and message according to their segments interests.
  • Infrequent messaging, perhaps once a month, no more than two times a month.
  • Updates will be given specifically to students that share their cell phone number with you.
  • SMS will be used to send them notices such as deadlines, an appointment reminder or an upcoming seminar.

Segment and periodically refresh your student database

Now, most of the marketing messages that people receive are uncalled for. Obviously an MBA graduate does not want to keep receiving offers by the MBA colleges. Therefore it is pertinent that the colleges have all the demographics to ensure that the right message goes to the right people. Not only this, you should also track the timeline of your student database and strike out students who are past the age of joining an MBA college.

Subscription shouldn’t imply spamming

Now once you get access to a student’s number doesn’t imply that you bombard them with tonnes of SMS. MBA colleges should consider this as a privilege and not a right. If you bother them more than often then you are likely to lose that privilege. Make sure that you provide them the option of unsubscribing, and if they do, they should be removed from your list immediately, it is illegal not to do so.

More importantly, do not forget to obtain consent from the student before sending a text message.

Keep it Short, Sweet and Simple

This is the most important tip to follow in order to make your SMS campaign successful. Short message service is the full form for SMS and it is rightly so. The intent is to send short messages otherwise, why not send an email instead.   Anyway most of the carriers limit the length of your text message to 160 characters, so it is better to work on conciseness and shortness on your own. Besides that, however, the faster you cut to the chase, the better.

Call to Action

Since you you can not deliver the entire content in a short message, it should be considered as more of a call to get the student’s attention. Colleges must use words that entice the students and drive them to act on what they see. It should be both an invitation and an instruction on what your college can deliver.

Integrate SMS with your e-campaign

Once you’ve segmented your student database into those who are gaining interest and the ones who are fully engaged, reach out to the students on other platforms too. Don’t make your 160 characters do all the work. It is reported that SMS messages that contain a URL carry a high rate of click-through.

Inclusion of URLs encourages subscriptions which can eventually aid in increasing your student application count. But what about the long and weird looking URLs?

Prettify Your Links

All of us are aware that the final URLs turn out to be pretty uneven making tracking them difficult. To solve this problem, one can use a URL shortener like Google’s or These turn your unsightly URL into a short and better appearing URL. Another added bonus to URL shortening is that it saves space in your text message, hence making the marketing process more economical.

Clearly, SMS marketing is one of the most convenient and  means of getting a student’s attention with most probability of being read. Therefore, it is best that colleges ace the skill of student marketing.

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