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Success Story Rohit Saini Admito

How Admito solved Rohit’s query of minimum eligibility criteria of MICA by providing him recently changed criteria and hence he applied at his dream college after ensuring his eligibility. 

It was just a normal day for others, but the tension in Rohit’s head was increasing with each passing moment. Having scored a little less than 60% in 12th, he was anxious about his eligibility for the Top MBA colleges. Which B-Schools he should apply for and more importantly, which B-School he will end up getting at this low percentage in 12th. These unanswered questions were troubling him and thus, he was becoming vaguer about his future. Pondering on these questions and with a lot of tension in mind, he started surfing the internet.


Problem Background: There are 4000 B-Schools in India. Every B-School has their own set of eligibility rules for the intake of students. Just like Rohit, every other aspirant faces the tough question of understanding the eligibility of the college as per their academics. Manually searching for the eligibility criteria for them is close to impossible. There exists no system in the market to know the student’s eligibility within minutes. Hence students tend to apply to colleges for which they are not even eligible.


What did Rohit Saini Do? : With these questions floating in his head, Rohit kept on surfing the internet hoping to find an easier solution to understand the eligibility. Suddenly, a thought struck his mind. A few days back, one of his friends suggested him to use ADMITO. As per his friend, ADMITO helps a student in choosing right B-School as per their eligibility. All you have to do is answer a set of questions and Voila!!! Your queries are resolved. Still wondering about its authenticity, Rohit opened Admito’s website ( and answered the profile based questions. He got the most suited list of colleges which he can get at his 12th percentage in CAT 2017. To his astonishment, the tool actually sorted out and gave the list of B-schools, in three different sets: Dream, Perfect, and Safe. He was satisfied as now he knows exactly what colleges he can get as per his CAT percentile he is targeting and other factors which he has in his mind for a B-school.

But his confusion didn’t end here.

The problem increased:

MICA, his dream college was in the list provided by Admito. He was aspiring to get admission there, but he what he knew is that MICA takes students above 60%. To verify the Admito’s algorithm, he checked the MICA official website, but there it has not specifically mentioned anything about eligibility.

He E-mailed to ADMITO team his query and just wanted to confirm the selection criterion of MICA.

Final Results: ADMITO team not only just replied to his query but also made sure that they get in touch with MICA authorities to double check the criteria. To Rohit’s luck, MICA had changed the criteria for the 2016-2017 admission process. And as per new criteria, Rohit was eligible to apply.

ADMITO not only provided the list of eligible B-schools to Rohit but also helped him in clarifying his doubts so that he can apply to his dream college.

The success stories are many. Rohit used Admito strategically to achieve the best B-school as per his caliber, CAT percentile and other prominent factors that are generally overlooked but are important in admissions for MBA in any B-school.

Rohit’s Testimonial

This is a real incident that took place a couple of weeks back, I am engineering graduate and after my graduation this year I made up my mind to go for MBA (like most of the engineering graduates, no surprises 😛), and like every other aspirant I started preparing for CAT and all the other _ATs, unaware of the fact that, choosing and targeting the college/colleges ……..Read the entire Rohit’s Testimonial

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  • Rohit Saini

    Thanks a lot team 🙂 I am sure you are going to help millions like me and for sure there are going to be many success stories in years to come.