The Truth behind MBA College Rankings

Education plays a crucial role in our life. Education is a part of our life that we can’t ignore. To have a better future, every one of us desires a quality education that can give us a beautiful and happy life. As a part of this, we write competitive exams to pursue our favorite courses in our dream colleges. The ways to reach this objective may differ but there is one thing common for every aspirant. That thing is COLLEGE RANKINGS

No matter how diverse this situation is, there has been at least one instance where you check out the top colleges you can get into if you ace that particular exam. No one has ever skipped or ignored this part. Why? Because we aim for the elite in the pack, we dream of studying in the institution that represents that particular field. It also gives us higher chance to prove what we are and what we can do.

But, stop for a moment. Is it true?

  • Top colleges are the only colleges that can make us better?
  • Can we expect an excellent life from it every time?
  • Education is only meaningful if we study in one of these?

The answer to these questions is NO

The explanation is less possibility and it will be elaborated throughout this article as the College ranking system is complex and confusing at the same time.

Why Students consult College Rankings?

Like already said, college rankings mean a lot to students. They decide what is best for them based on the rankings alone. There are many more factors involved but some of the important parameters are considered here:

  1. Academic quality
  2. Reputation
  3. Cost of Graduation
  4. Pay Scale
  5. Alumni
  6. College environment
  7. Admission chance etc.

These factors are analyzed and ultimately a student filters a list suitable for him out of the ranked colleges. And this is where the student makes mistakes sometimes. Selection of colleges based on rankings may be misleading.

Why Colleges are Ranked?

Ranking colleges are not new and instead, it became the part of the education system. When haven’t you seen a headline that says ‘Best colleges to study in 2016’ or something like that. Not a single year goes by without the appearance of new rankings by different ranking committees. Colleges are Ranked by institutions, organizations, Newspapers, magazines etc. But what is the motive behind it? Though the motive that is visible on the surface is to impart the information of various colleges, the main motive is still unnoticed.

According to analysts, college rankings are one of the marketing mediums of an institution. Many consider it as the way of selling their college to aspiring students. If you realize this you will understand why new universities will repeatedly pressure on their new ranking in various sources. How many times have you not seen a new university name in college rankings? None. This fact itself reflects how rankings are commercialized for self-benefit and sometimes even ignoring students altogether.

This fact must be known before you consider a college position in the rankings.

Why College Rankings are misleading?

While searching for colleges, we all consider various sources for verifying the reliability of the list. But after you refer to various sources, you get confused as different lists show different rankings. Take an example of B-school rankings. If IIM A is in the top position in one list, it may not be in the same position in another one. This is the main reason why the ranking system is confusing. How can a college vary in position in different ranking systems? And how can this explain? The answer is simple. Different ranking systems use different parameters for ranking. Some give weight age to ROI, some focus on the number of placements, some on enrollments and so on. Even other parameters are considered, giving more weight age to a single parameter will result in diverse rankings. This explains in the inconsistency in college rankings. They differ and they are entirely based on only some parameters and that too in unequal proportions. There is no ranking system that can perfectly provide a genuine ranking. It is like GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out), it all depends on input and the thing about input is that it is never perfect and complete.

A student who wants international exposure may not get it as he desired just because of he chose the number one college in India. It is not that simple. A ranking is always biased. If the ranking is based on ROI, then the top college will provide an excellent ROI but it cannot promise the International exposure provided by some other college below it in the same list. Why? Because the ranking is primarily considering ROI and not international exposure and that is why it is misleading. You can extend this example to other categories too. Not a single College rankings list will tell you the whole story behind the position of the colleges. Just because it is at the top doesn’t mean it is the best.

Do College Rankings matter?

Now coming to the burning question, Do they Matter? Yes. They do matter. But they have some limitations in their application. Even though college rankings are not absolute and sometimes misleading, they stay almost consistent. For example, No matter how many Rankings you refer, IIMA still manages to be in the top 10. This shows that ranking system can be considered but they must not be the sole variables in a decision-making scenario. Rankings can give you a rough draft of the leading colleges and the institutions to look out for. In a country with an overwhelming number of  Colleges, can you refer every college to find what is a good one? No, we cannot. This is where college rankings prove to be useful. They narrow down your field of vision to only the colleges that stand apart. The rankings can even give you some insight into the colleges that are to be looking out for a better career.

Also for pursuing MBA, College is the most crucial component and not doing MBA from a decent college sometimes will cost you. And also MBA unlike engineering and other courses is not simple. For some it is all about ROI, some care about exposure, some crave for only the knowledge they need for becoming an entrepreneur. So, a careful approach is needed towards the college rankings and what you understand from them. In simple words, “They Matter. But how much they Matter to you? ”. That will be entirely based on you.

And there is way College rankings can matter in every way possible and this can be done by compiling a list of colleges based on your parameters. That will be one great list of college ranking. How can you possibly do that?

mba college selection

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