Time Management For MBA Aspirants

The clock ticks, time struts and days, months and years roll by. While we are still busy struggling our way out of the bog, time turns and paves way for us to tread on the reality of entrance exams.  But as it is always said “Time is the one thing we never have enough”, it is this aspect of the entire preparation journey that determines who wins and loses the battle and who has the last laugh.

It is often seen that more than 95% of the students who end up with percentiles on the higher side of the percentile scale have over time developed and practiced time management skills. To make things simpler and more ordered and to help the confused lot see through the difficulties of time and space, here are the time management tips for MBA aspirants and tricks that will help you sort your time more effectively.


The first step every boomer must take is to exercise self-regulation and to set rules and regulations for oneself. No matter how strict a schedule you make for yourself, if you have the audacity to break that flow of work and get yourself engaged in tasks that please your core, dear future manager, you are in a fix!


The second step is to maintain a daily planner. The planner must include tasks which are to be done every day like reading the newspaper or practicing reading comprehensions. Such tasks must find space at a specific site of the planner. The other variable tasks must be entered into it a day before and executed well on time. These are the goals each one must be abreast of, as time management shall hold no meaning unless a specific goal has been set with a specific time limit.


Next, figure out the number of weeks you have for the D-Day and the number of topics you need to cover during that time period. Sort the topics in the order of your competence. If for instance, a person has only 8 weeks to prepare for the final exam, it is advisable to work on his / her areas of higher competence in order to put those marks into your account, no matter how hastily one tries to attempt it. Make sure you grab your candies and get an edge over your competitors.  Whereas if a person who has started preparing a year before the main exam, strategizes and chalks out his schedule for the next few months, it is advisable to start working on the areas of lower competence first in order to gain an insight into the formulae and methods of the least confident areas. It is essential that you allocate a specific number of hours to each topic and to each section rather than beating about the bush and completing just anything any day! You need to frame a time table to crack the CAT and get a step closer to your dream college.

However, no matter when you begin your exam preparation make sure you keep a significant amount of time (recommended 45 days) to practice mocks. Unless you get a hands on experience in a real time environment of appearing for the exam, it is almost impossible that you will pass with flying colours.


With exams just a few months away, it is vital for everyone to register that ‘TIME IS LIMITED’! Whether you spend that limited amount of time decoding questions and solving problems or you spend that time watching baseless videos on the social media and tagging your friends in memes is solely up to your discretion. We definitely know what will reap our future benefits. Switching to the positive side of social media, it is important to remember that current affairs and general knowledge play a major role in MBA entrance exams. Hitting a like on pages that provide such information will help you save valuable time when you go out preparing for this section separately. Unlike pages that mess up your newsfeed and go ahead with all kinds of informative and news related pages. Exams like XAT, IIFT, MICA and SNAP; all will test your general knowledge to the core.


Every individual has developed a different habit of working during the day. While some feel comfortable studying in the peace of the bright morning, others prefer burning the midnight oil. No one rule fits all people and scenarios equally. The aim of an MBA aspirant is to maximize work and minimize the time being utilized to accomplish it. How one does that, holds no boundaries.


This is that time of the year when one can either make or break one’s career and ambitions. While you prepare diligently for your exams, a certain section of the society will try to pull you down. While some will comment on your ill performance in the mocks, others will scare you with the level of difficulty of the upcoming exams. It is must to remember that exams are designed to suit an average college student with average problem-solving skills. Fretting about your current marks and feeling demotivated will make you lose your precious time. You need to turn a deaf ear to all the negativity that surrounds you. It is important to get a reality check sometimes but worrying too much about the issue will not help you overcome it.

Take advice from learned people only. Save time by avoiding people who seem to know everything about the universe!

We all seek to be future managers, but not every individual has the ability to manage things effectively, to prioritize and act as per the needs and demands of the situation. Nevertheless, every shore has a greener side and there are ways of making the most of the little time we have.  

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