Tips and Tricks to Nail Your B-School Interviews

An interview is a conversation in the form of questions and answers. In common parlance, the word “interview” refers to a one-on-one conversation with one person or a panel of 2-3 people acting in the role of the interviewer and the other in the role of the interviewee.

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Personal Interview (PI) is generally the last among key components of the selection process at B-schools. While many B-schools have either added another component like Group Exercise or Case Discussion or replaced Group Discussion (GD) with Writing Ability Test (WAT), in the final stages of their selection process, Personal Interview has maintained its position as the key component of the selection process during MBA admissions.

Interview committee undertakes final conversions with a keen awareness of the culture of the college: A college’s students represents the culture. One wrong student can corrupt the image of the college in front of recruiters as well as in front of other MBA aspirants as well. Intangible costs of selecting a wrong candidate — lost productivity, reduced the quality of education, drop in morale — add to college’s concern.A  Successful interview requires not just discovering the ideal resume; it needs conversations as well — personal interviews — to assess a candidate’s capabilities and his compatibility with the college’s culture.

Now you know the importance of interview, you must start preparing for the second stage of the selection process. After our campaign to provide HOT GD Articles for B-school Interviews (check them here >>). We bring you toppers’ insight on cracking Personal Interview at top B-schools.

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We have collected latest Personal Interview experiences of top B-schools of India on our platform together so that aspirants can go through them all at once and save time and focus on preparations instead of finding people and asking them for their interview experiences. People do post their interview experiences on various social media platforms, but it is too scattered and untraceable that it is close to impossible to read them all. And yes, last but not at all the least, they are all experiences of interviews of the year 2017 and we ensure that we update them every day.

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