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XIMB entrance gate
XIMB entrance gate

XIM – Xavier’s Institute of Management located Bhubaneshwar is one of the good colleges offering management education in India. It would be a great option for student but how would one be sure about his return on investment from the college. One can look at it’s placement figures. It seems to be a usual criterion for a college to be qualified on placement figures. Let us try out the analysis of XIMB this way.

The placement in XIMB is branded under “Xuberance” The latest being for the 27th batch of XIMB in XUberence’15. Now, the whole batch of XIMB is divided into two main programs. MBA in Business Management Statistics and MBA in Human Resource Management.

We would refer to these as MBA-BM and MBA-HR.

For a batch strength of more than 300, an MBA college should get around 100 companies, since the intake per company is in single digits. For XIMB, the companies take candidates in more number per profile per company.  MBA-BM was able to attract 58 different recruiters with the highest salary of around 20.5 lakhs per annum. To put in terms of money that can be used, it comes out to be near 1,28,000 per month. A young Indian can do a lot with this kind of money. This figure is an approx. after tax and variable pay which is generally offered in companies. Also, one should note that these kind of salary offers sometimes include a one time signing bonus. Signing bonuses can go as high as 6 lakhs which reduces your annual package to 14 lakhs per annum and monthly bearings to 90,000. It makes a lot of difference. These kinds of information were missing from the college’s side.


The average salary is 12.65 and the median salary is 12. A figurative conclusion to this can be that the lowest package offered is around 6 lakhs considering a normal distribution. But such is never the case. Placements in college generally trend towards few in the top, and maximum in just below the average and then the numbers at each reduced package figure keeps on decreasing. Assuming this to hold true for XIMB, it tells that out of 250 30-40 are above 12.65, 100-120 are around 12.65, 100-120 are around 9 and the rest few are dangling around 7. For a student taking admission in XIMB, it should be clear that he has, 10% probability of a package of above 15, a 30% probability of package being 12, a 35% probability of package being around 9 and 25% probability of the package being around 7.

When you think like this, it becomes imminent that the figures of highest package and lowest packages present totally different figures. A guy getting placed at 30 at one year might boost the college’s image but the overall picture of an average candidate will remain the same. But we should not forget that a package of higher zeroes means that XIMB is bale to offer you better opportunities to a student.


A same analysis can be done for MBA-HR course offered by XIMB. Highest salary is at 20.5 lakhs per annum, average salary is at 11.39 lakhs per annum and median salary is at 10.73lakhs per annum. This is a very good figure for HR profiles which are generally seen as lower paying counterparts than marketing or sales. It should be easy for you to the above said analysis with this information.

There is other information which is really important like the different types of profiles being offered at XIMB. For MBA-BM consulting holds 30% of the jobs whereas marketing comes second at 27%, systems at 20% and finance at 17% and remainder to strategy operations. MBA graduates are happiest and mostly inclined towards consulting and FMCG in marketing. This tells us that XIMB has fair recruitment with a lot of students getting through to their desired profiles. Although a split in finance is required to judge the institute’s capacity rightly. Finance includes a lot of department like hedge funds, portfolio manager, accounts, banking etc. Also marketing needs to be clearly segregated into branding, sales, product management, market research etc. which are entirely different. A break up in terms of industry is also required into ergo automobiles, IT, FMCG, Banking, Telecom etc. Few of the companies which came to campus were KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, L&T, Hindustan beverages, Vedanta, GroupM, SI, ICRA, Goldman Sachs and more. The companies coming for MBA-HR were HSBC, ICICI, ACG, Capgemini, Mindtree, Idea and more.

It shows a good combination but the profiles by each company is different and the preferences of student should match the company offered profile.

This whole analysis is a little steep and critical. Although the outlook looks stable but if there is one guy in the XIMB campus who did not get placed then it represents a big question mark on the college’s ability to give 100% opportunities. One should take shade in the positive but always prepare for the worse. So, a critical a deep analysis of the information presented to us needed. After all, that is what MBA will train you in. Better be a step ahead yourself.

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